! Thursday snippet

I can hardly wait for poppypug 's Friday dance, so I thought i would do a snippet, to pass the time! The lovely royalness of Irishprincess gave us some great snippets.:)

Here is today's offering for you to peruse, if you choose to!

I have been a tad too focused on negative folk in my life,lately, but I know,also, that running is excellent for banishing the grumps! So here is recent article on maybe why...:)


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18 Replies

  • Big hugs floss! I'm a bit of a stress head so that article was great for me! That champ clip was so sad though! Hope your day goes well. I should have been doing my washing up 10mins ago , got distracted!oops !talk soooon xx

  • Thank you sweetie pie! You are getting less stressed by the day.. follow the flossness.. except when she has the grumplies!!!! :)

    You have a good day too.. washing up.. who needs it ! :) I am just off to borrow my daughter's is a tad more streamlined than mine, lighter and a tad faster!!!

    Tee hee.. this could go one of two ways :)

  • I know them feels (as my dutch, grew up on American tv, husband would say!). Sending happy vibes!

  • Thanks you,, it is a very interesting article too.. :)

    When i taught, loads of my girls, and sometimes my boys, would sing in the yard.. always, always with American accents, because they watched so many singers who were American! Either that or the wonderful sing song Australian inflection at the end of a sentence... Kylie and Neighbours , ( If you are old enough to remember the early series..I am!) :)

  • Just about😉. It's a very good article and led to this one which is also excellent. Have a good day.

  • Thanks you... I am spending too long pootling around the forum today...but why not? x

  • The better the run, the longer the calm sets in.

  • Right😏 Sort of..Karma..with a C☺

  • New neurons?! Marvellous. You can never have enough neurons or shoes, as the old adage goes. I think.

  • True, true, or in my case, any new running gear! :)

  • Enjoy your bike ride Floss, please be careful :-)

    Don't ever let anyone dull your sparkle, we love you just the way you are xxx

  • Thanks youx

    I am going very steadily on the bike..I shall mostly be off road..and on trails...My lovely son in law came out with make sure I was okay☺ Did think of maybe wearing a Sumo wrestlers costume for safety☺

  • Im already wearing mine ha ha ;-D xxx

  • Suits you.. maybe you could find a Sumo dance... :)

  • I love the idea of mindlessness... That's me!!!

  • Nooooo! You are a star!!☺

  • Great article floss with lots to mull over. I'm sorry you're dealing with negative people. I have a low tolerance for such types as they can bring you right down and they're always a "glass half empty". But in life we do encounter them. I have a good friend who's like this and I try to feel sympathetic rather than irritated 😤 It's hard though isn't it?

    We all love you for your uplifting posts and positivity, so please don't change 😊 xxx

  • It is an interesting article isn't it...

    Yep.. they can really dampen the mood,, and it is hard to combat it. I am back on form again now I feel.. positive thought zone!! Thanks you x:)

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