Rude runners! *Rant alert*

I was cycling home on a shared path today and coming towards me were two runners running next to each other. As I got towards them I thought they might run single file but nope, they just carried on as if I wasn't there. How rude was that! Surely it's not that difficult for one to run behind the other for a few seconds, after all I had as much right to be there as they did :/

Sorry for the rant, of course no-one on here would be so discourteous would they!


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6 Replies

  • Not good at all :(

  • You know there are selfish people in all sports. 😩. Luckily the vast majority are not like that.

  • I think sometimes people are so far in the zone they don't think. I was on the tow path the other day, it's quite narrow, and a large bunch of elderly walkers came towards, me, all eyeing me curiously, but with no thought to move over to let me pass. I called "excuse me please" quite pleasantly but loudly, they looked mortified that they hadn't thought of it, and of course moved over. "Thank you very much" and off I went!

  • It's not just runners, I was out for a run last night and two walkers were coming towards me. They made no move to go single file so I had to come off the footpath into the road to pass them. It's just a basic lack of manners and consideration in some people!

  • I know, you are all right, it is the minority. And I notice it while I'm walking too, there are some fellow pedestrians who seem totally incapable of giving way to others. Sadly a lot of people are selfish, I wish it weren't the case :(

  • I had a similar experience on a coastal path near me. The path is clearly divided into pedestrians and cycling. a trio of girls were walking, one of them on the cycle path, I rang my bike's bell, she didn't move aside. I had to slow down, I said "excuse me, please", she stopped (I stopped), gave me a funny look, I started cycling again and went past her, as I went I heard her sarcastically say to her friends "excuse me, please!"

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