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Week 6 run 3 completed

Took it relatively slow as its the first 25 minute run but felt pretty comfortable in the end and slightly upped the pace in the last minute.

I decided to map my run to see how far I went and I managed 4km in 25 minutes. I worked out that means at that pace I will do 4.8km in 30 minutes not 5km.

I guess I have 3 weeks to up the pace slightly to make it 5km in 30 minutes. Is this good or bad pace at this stage? I literally have no idea!

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The pace is irrelevant. The fact you are running for 25 minutes is awesome. We all have different paces and the plan is about the 30 minutes rather than the 5k.

5k will come in time - slow and steady :-).


Nah, forget speed. Just concentrate on finishing. Finishing is everything. Slowly is just fine. Most problems occur when folks start trying to speed up when their legs aren't ready for it. It takes a while for our bodies to catch up so go steady!

Week 6 is the tricky one. You've cracked that so from here on in things get a tad easier. As long as you take it steady you'll get through it just fine

Have fun!


I get what you're saying guys and thank you but when I picked the app up in the first place it was for the name couch to 5k. I am aiming for that rather than the 30 minutes as I would like to start Park runs etc which are 5km.

I think I already know I can run 30 minutes I am more interested to know if I can run 5km in 30 minutes. Maybe its just me, sorry.


Sounds quite fast to me, but you should really just concentrate on doing the time and don't worry about distance yet. Trying to speed up at this stage is courting injury. If you don't manage 5k at graduation ( and many many people don't) it will follow soon after.


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