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is week 5 really as bad as it looks????

i have to say i was a little surprised how easy i found the 3rd run of week 4 compared to the first, but i have a feeling that this week wont be quite as easy!!!! There are lots of posts related to week 5 and how big a jump it is. I am about to try my first run of week 5 tonight but i just cant see how by sunday i will be doing a 20 minute run!!! help!

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Trust the plan and think positive. This is my second time thru the plan and I worried about it both times and both times I did it :)

Physically the plan will have you ready. Mental bit is down to you ;)


I will be starting W5 on Sunday. I think it is like LMS2110 says: We have a lot of mind over matter to do. That's the difficult bit - believing in the plan and JUST GO FOR IT! MatthewW says it all! I'm sure you are right Tiger79.


Thanks, :) yes, I just read this Q. And saw you'd answered it for me LOL - what an advice team we'd make, eh? ;)

Will simply add, yelsel_2002, keep faith with the scheme! Dear Laura won't lead you into anything until your body is appropriately prepared for it. If you complete runs 1 and 2 then, rest assured, you will do run 3 too! Forget times - they play tricks with your head, your body will know what to do ... And who knows, you may be one of us who finds that longer runs suddenly open the real sense of running to you! Nothing better that just having everything falling into place and not giving a care about time or distance or music or (dare I say it, even dear Laura!) head into the week full of positive thoughts and look forward to blogging us in a few days time with the euphoria of a really good run to finish this week ... Plan your words as you enjoy the run ;)

Best wishes, Linda


You were me just 10 days . Feeling okay about doing W4 but really very nervous about week5 ........ well I needn't have worried, the step up to w5 looks big on paper but in reality you are already ready.

Enjoy week 5 and happy running


Well I finished week 5 run 2 this morning and it actually felt easier than W5R1 (and actually week 4 if I'm honest), to the point where I was still a way from home and was about to run some more, thinking about run 3 made me hold back and I'll keep some energy till then.

Friday is the 20 minute run but I remember back to how daunting 90 seconds was in week 2 and I did it, I also did 3 minutes and 5 and 8, and so have you.

We just need a little faith and remember to pace ourselves.

Good luck!


well i finished W5R1 tonight, actually managed ok. Looking back, i remember struggling to do the first 3 minute run so i am actually amazed how much my fitness has improved! i no longer turn into a bright red, sweaty mess at the end of the run. I did feel tired by the end (tho went a long walk this morning so probably wasnt the best idea), but i do feel hopeful that 8mins will be possible! just keeping it slow for now and i guess speed will come with time.

thanks for the encouragement. from what everyone says, laura knows what she's talking about :)


well done - you must have felt so good at the end of it too...

... Laura knows her stuff and yes you are ready for 8 mins..

go out and enjoy your W5R2


I find it helpful to just completely switch my brain off, concentrate your entire mind on breathing and think of nothing else. Time just becomes irrelevant then and the run becomes like meditation. I finished run three today and looking back on it, it doesn't feel like 20 minutes (though a few times in there it felt like longer!), just switch your mind off and count your breaths, that should keep the nagging doubts at bay! As everyone has said already, trust your body and trust Laura :)


Just to let you know I did W5R3 for the first time today, all 20 minutes of it :)

Although I was flagging a bit for the last 2-3 minutes I suprised myself at how I managed it, The only issue I had was that I had planned my route on 6 m/km and actually ran further/faster so my run distance was slightly longer than I planned, in my head I was due to finish around the next corner not the additional 600m that I actually had to go.

You'll do it, go on yelsel!


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