Laugh or cry?

I went to the chest pain clinic yesterday to get my pains checked out. I had to walk and run on a treadmill with lots of cables dangling from my chest, but the machine I was connected to didn't find anything conclusive - Phew.... Unfortunately I felt some tightness across my chest and even though it wasn't as severe as I have had before, I have to go back for a different type of test. They said I was in a very low risk group and they really thought there was nothing to be concerned about, but they had to err on the side of caution. So I had mixed feelings, on a positive side it looks like there is nothing major, (huge sigh of relief). I will keep on running (yippee!), but give myself more time to reach my goals so I don't do too much. I have to keep a running diary of how I feel after each run etc. I was thinking all this through as the Doc was speaking, planning my new runs. It gave me a new sense of - Yes, everything is ok! and Great I can carry on, but then...... I said goodbye to the doctor I stood up and somehow twisted my knee, so excruciating was the pain I thought they were going to send me straight to A & E!!! I've got my feet up and a support bandage on so I won't be running for few days anyway! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so I laughed lol :)


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  • Life's full of challenges, as soon as we get over one hurdle, another is placed in front of us. LOL :-) Great news about the chest pains, shame about the knee, make sure you give it plenty of rest.

  • Apparently challenges make us stronger, so I'm going with that theory! I will have to miss my run tomorrow and see how I am in a day or so. Mind you I could get use to someone making me cups of tea and may keep my feet up longer LOL

  • Hurrah about the chest pains, boo about the knee. My husband has just had the same news having had an ECG, but he is in the high risk group (overweight ex-smoker 49...)

    It's good news but we'd love to know why he was getting pain, at least he can still do gentler runs while we're waiting for more tests.

    Do keep posting and let us know how you get on

  • Thanks. The physiologist that put me on the treadmill said she had recently started running and she experienced a tightness on her chest similar to what I had and she went straight to the cardiologist and he said it was her respiratory muscles getting used to the extra work, so I'm hoping thats all I've got (fingers crossed). Hopefully your hubby will be fine too, but get all the tests to be on the safe side. My hubby thinks I should get all the tests too, better safe than sorry at my age and also I have a child that needs extra special care too so if I wasn't around for a while things would be difficult. I have just graduated and love running, but family is first.

  • Always better to laugh!

    Glad they haven't found anything serious. Just take it gently - you're in this for the long haul!

  • Yes, you are right - its always better to laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine!

  • keep smiling and take it steady - listen to your body and enjoy

  • Thanks - I like "I can and I will" its good advice!

  • Ah glad to hear that your chest problems don't sound serious , sorry about your knee though !

    What a palaver !

    Hope it feels better soon :-) xxx

  • Thanks, Yes its a relief. even though I have to have more tests I'm feeling positive. My knees a real "pain" though ha ha ha.

  • My goodness, you couldn't make this up!! So sorry to hear you hurt your knee just as you were being told you could run. Maybe it's natures way of telling you you need a little more rest.

    Hope your knee feels better soon :)

  • Thank you, life can be very frustrating can't it! I just want to settle into a 3x wk routine, but perhaps you're right and it is Mother Nature's way. A couple more days feet up and hopefully things will improve. I've been checking out knee strengthening exercises to help, but its too sore to do anything at the moment.

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