went a bit further

went a bit further

went on my normal run...ok, plod, but as i was getting to my turning to go home point, i just went on and did another circuit of the lower part of Scotstown moor, and i felt fine, ok, my hip was screaming at me but i feel ok. Been using my ipod but just put one earbud in, i feel safer that way, going to treat myself to some new tunes today, and even when the rain came on it didnt bother me, i think im beginning to like this running thing

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  • Glad you're getting the running bug jogger1960.

    Take care of your hip, though- you don't want to be on the injury couch. :)

  • just a niggle in my old bones

  • Oh, I get those too :)

  • Well done. Strange how the running bug creeps up on you! I also run with only 1 ear bud in, i like to know what's going on around me.☺

  • yes, its secluded in some parts of the moor so i like to know whats around

  • Well done... And it's the best isn't it??....

  • yes, im actually feeling that i like it, who'd have thought it from me!

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