First running fall... went down like a sack of the proverbial!

Ok, so perhaps it had to happen at some stage, especially running in the dark (though I do have a head lamp) but yesterday I had my first fall. Blessed tree root in the pavement and went flat on my face - luckily I had hubby with me, though still embarassing as I cried like a baby. Luckily nothing more serious than a few cuts and bruises and a tear in my lovely new running glove :( Hoping I will be ok for THAT dreaded run tomorrow - you know the one... the one with NO walking! Very scared now; think it may have dented my confidence a little, just when I felt I was doing so well. As they say, pride and all that!

Haven't posted for a while, but have been viewing and commenting regularly - hope you are all well and happy and starting to enjoy some more daylight. Amanda x


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8 Replies

  • How horrible. :( You'll get your confidence back quickly, I'm sure. Hope you can fix your running glove ok!

  • Thanks greenlegs - very annoyed about the glove. Have taken a photo of the offending tree root in the pavement, but probably won't ever do anything with it! Chalk it up to experience.

  • Aaahhhh you poor girl, falls like that can give you a real shock. You have something in common now with poor shelley who took a real bad fall just over a week ago. Hope your not too sore and take care going out in these dark nights. Try and plan your routes in well lit areas with good pavements too. Good luck for your next run.

  • Thanks Oldgirl - it was a shock!

  • Oh no ... a real shock. Don't let it knock you. Lisa :-)

  • Been there, done that Amanda, right down to the torn glove!!! :D It certainly is a shock but glad you had your hubby with you to kiss away your tears ;) I had scabs on my knees for weeks and it did knock me a bit for further night running; I just didn't want to fall again on my sore knees :'(

    I hope you heal quickly and get through your next run; you will be fine I'm sure! Oh and a good excuse for some more shopping for new gloves!! :)


  • Ouch Amanda! You poor, poor dear! I would of been boo-hooing like a baby too. Thank goodness your hubby was there with you. Try to relax about this next can do it! You even have the battle wounds to prove you're a runner! Sending healing thoughts your way! Gayle

  • Thanks for the supportive comments peeps. Feeling the love :) x

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