Video of a C25K grad running her first 10K (my better half!)

So, I don't usually (ever?) post here, but thought I'd share a video of my wife (a grad herself) running her first 10K race! I hope it especially inspires all the new runners! Her journey also started with the programme after having our kiddo!

(Special appearance by my daughter <3 )


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  • what a nice video! well done to your wife, and thanks for posting! :) excellent! c25k is a fantastic programme :)

  • Thank you! Yes it is!

  • Aw that's so sweet ! Well done to your wife and looks like your little one has got Week 1 Run 1 done and dusted :-D xxxx

  • LOL! I guess she does! Thanks :)

  • Nice one! Encouraging for us all.

  • Very nice your video :-)

  • Awwww! It brought a tear to my eye!! Thanks for sharing.

  • ...and so smiley ! She was obviously having fun and setting a good example to your little one. Well done her (and you for showing up and supporting !)

  • Thanks! Yeah, our daughter loves watching her run. What you missed was her crying every time my wife had to run on without her!

  • Amazing! Inspiring video. Very well done! :)

  • Thanks! I'll pass on the kind words :)

  • Well done and thanks for the post ... Encouraging to us all who haven't graduated yet... Your daughter is gorgeous , its lovely to see her wanting to run along with your other half too.. As someone else said what a great lesson for life she and you are teaching her by what you do... Its amazing how that WILL sink in and become a part of her as it now so obviously is of you both too . Again well done to you both

    inspirational in the best way ...

  • Thanks, Anaverageman! Really kind words and nicely stated. I do hope it's instilling all the right things in her (trying hard, seeing things through, healthy activities, etc.). Be sure to let us all know when you graduate!!

  • LOL if I graduate..

  • Great video and thanks for the share. Well done to your other half. You have a budding little runner there as well by the looks of it. It's a great program and being able to come on here and share these moments with a forum like this makes all the difference to us on here.

  • Lovely video, and hats off to you to being so supportive.

  • Oh wow, that is such a super video and you actually made me cry!!! You should be so proud of her!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌

  • I didn't mean to make anyone cry! Glad you liked it! :)

  • Lovely video. Thank you for sharing.

  • So cute! Please pass on my "well dones" to your wife ( and daughter). Thanks for posting and making me smile.

  • I definitely will pass it along! Thanks!

  • Aw that was lovely. Well done to you for making the film! So many of these precious moments don't get recorded. It will be great to look back on

    Well done to the programme of course without which ........

    Big up to Mrs Joel and daughter! You did it. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • "Mrs. Joel" haha!

  • Thank you for sharing. Wonderful video. They both look so happy.

  • What a lovely video - and I am another one who felt a little teary watching it! Your daughter must be so proud of her Mummy and as you say, a fantastic thing for a child to see. Thank you for sharing. well done to your wife too on completing her first 10k - I am still hoping to get back to 5k following an injury set back. Am starting the whole C25K again tomorrow - it is a great programme.

  • Thanks so much Sandra! You can definitely, definitely do it!

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