Advice please!

Hi everyone. This site really is my go to place for all things running. I think I've got an Achilles heel (someone is going to tell me we've all go one aren't they?!) I've noticed a couple of times my heel ffelt 'stretched' when I fell back on it. I've been very careful and it's been fine, but when I ran this morning it felt quite sore. Any advice? Don't really want to have to go to my gp.

Thanks all. Happy running! 😊


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  • Sorry it isn't more specific advice, but sometimes the worst thing you can do for a mild-injury is ignore the pain - pain is there for a reason. OTOH, sometimes the best thing you can do for an injury is keep exercising.

    I would be tempted to stick with the first - stay off it until a pro checks it out, but I really don't know what I am talking about :-).

    I would say though, don't give into the pressure of 'I must run' - plan for the long term.

  • Rest Ice Compression Elevate.

    In a few days try a gentle run (remembering to warm up - a few extra achilles stretches wouldnt go amiss either).

    If it still hurts seek professional advice

  • I self diagnosed my achilles problem... I wouldn't recommend it but I do these all the time :

  • I thought you were supposed to do these with your heel hanging over the edge of a step? I self diagnosed too, it was a bit obvious!

  • Actually we all have *two*. 😁

    (Sorry, I couldn't resist)

    Jokes aside, why don't you want to go to your GP? They are there for a reason...

  • Do get it checked. As the other folk is so easy to really cause severe problems.😏

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