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Looking for advice please

Friday of last week I completed week 5 of the plan which I was really pleased with. Along side the plan I am also training for a 26.2 mile walk, the London Moonwalk on the 10th of May in aid of breast cancer. Sunday just gone I did my 20 mile training walk and for the first time ever I ended up with a large blister on each heel. :( This has really set me back as was hoping to complete week 6 this week but have been unable too as need to give them time to heel properly so I am ok for the 10th. Next week I can not do any as I am not supposed to do too much before the big night which means it will be 2 weeks out from running. Will this set me right back? What week do I do once I come back to it? attempt week 6 in the hope I can do it or repeat week 5? Thanks in advance, Clare

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Given that you now know you can walk for 20 klms ( I don't know if I could do that as I have never done it :( ) , I am sure that the excitement of the day and it's importance for you will carry the day and you will be able to complete the few additional KLMs on that day. So - as you said - you really need to get those heels fixed before the walk. Forget about the programme for now -- do some cardio exercising that improves your lungs for the walk and decide yourself afterwards where/when you want to recommence the C25K programme.


Thanks for the reply, Im not so worried about completing the walk on the 10th as I know I can do it, im disappointed about not being able to run. Never thought I would hear myself say it but I am missing it :)


I think when you can get back to the running start week 6 and see how it goes.

Take care of those blisters and good luck for the the moonwalk


Thank you, I think I will. I surprise myself each week so I am sure I am worrying for nothing.


I squeezed a 26 mile walk into my running training. Took two days off from running to recover for the walk, and managed to walk till the end, but it was HARD! So I think you're very wise to take a break before the 10th.

You will gain a LOT of stamina from walking 26 miles. This will help tremendously with your running as well. So I'd suggest giving yourself the rest needed for the walk, and then pick up the running again afterwards.

As for blisters, it seems that modern advice is to not puncture them at all, or only just make the tiniest hole possible to get the water out.

All the best!

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Its true it is hard, so many people I have heard say oh its easy its only walking. I should complete with 6-7 hours on the night, its a long time to be on your feet.

Thanks for the advice I will take it easy, blisters are improving so much already.


Have you looked into compeed blister plasters to help with your blisters. I have used them before and they were very good. Your right to get your body ready for your long walk. It sounds like a very exciting thing to do. I am sure with all you have been doing you won't have to go back on the program. After you have recovered just try the next run and see how you go, if you feel more comfortable just redo the last run. good luck and enjoy your walk.


Yes I have been using compeed this week which have helped but didnt reduce the pain completely, I think the blisters were just too big lol. The moonwalk is a lot of fun, 17000 men and women walking through the night in decorated bras, its certainly a sight not to miss :)

Thanks for the support, this forum is amazing!


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