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Count it or not??

Today I went out intending to do w7r3. However my ten year old boy decided to come with me on his bike to get some energy after a very late sleepover last night!

Anyway, we got halfway round the 25 minute loop and he flagged big time! So we stopped and popped in Morrisons to get him a quick something to keep him going, typical Saturday pm and it was heaving in there so took about ten minutes, then we finished our run/cycle home. So with a 10 min walk in the middle would you count this as w7r3 or do I just log it in my head as a little extra practice run, and do proper r3 on monday?

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I'd personally count it as a bonus run, and quality time spent with the family. There's no rush to finish, but at this point I think you could count it however you want.


That's what I figured, it would almost feel like a cheat on Laura to count it, but I'm also not yet in the mindset of doing runs for as long as I like, without a preset (by someone else) objective... I quietly enjoyed it! Its not going to build my stamina further with the break but it was still a run 😀

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I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I think that it probably still builds stamina. Your run after the break was likely more vigorous than if you had run straight through. So there is definitely a benefit, similar to returning to intervals.


Enjoying it, is the thing...count as a run for fun and carry on ? :)


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