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Counting down or counting up

For a number of reasons I'm doing my runs on a treadmill at the moment. I did W5R2 this morning, and the longer running time brought home to me how much of a psychological test W5R3 will be. To date I've counted down the runs, setting the time at 30 mins and counting down to 0. However I'm wondering if it would be better to count up - I think I might get a better sense of achievement if I see the minutes adding up. What do others do, do you count up or down?

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Interesting I have never seen asked on here before, so I don't think you will get loads of answers from personal experience. ......I may be wrong......

If I were running on a dreadmill then I would cover up the counter, because, whichever way it is counting, it surely makes the time pass more slowly..........'.a watched clock comes to mind.


True, maybe I'll try that. I do have a beautiful view out across fields so I try to concentrate on that rather than clock watch - but sometimes I can't resist peeking!

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First half I count up, then 2nd half back down 😊


Oh that's when I run outside...must read the question properly !


I would usually count down as psychologically I can see that I have 'x' amount of time left on the clock to go and so can power through when it goes down to 15, 10 etc. Whilst if I count up, I just think, 'ah well thats close enough!'. That is just me though!


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