Another 5K with the deer

So Greg Boyd (an American preacher) and I did the first half and then me and various Pop bands from the 80s came along.

I tried with a new gadget ( which was fun.

The run was great - similar to last run. In fact, looking at the stats ( it was exactly the same calorie count :-).

I also think my Monday run's heart rate was suspiciously low as I spent 53% of this run in Z5 as opposed to the much more desirable, but utterly fictional 60% in Z3 :-). I can dream.

I did meet two other runners, one who was running at a slightly faster pace than me but kept stopping to take photos of the glorious Bradgate Park so we played a bit of leap frog, and a very lithe boxer/martial artist who I had seen shadow boxing under a tree earlier. The only way I was going to pass him was if he lay down for an hour or so :-).

Oh, and the river that runs through the park had burst its banks which was quite nice - the sound of the pretty fast moving river was nice. Stepping onto a piece of grass and then sinking in an inch of water - not so much.

I do like nature though, it is so bountiful and provides all our needs. Like the flying bit of protein I inhaled through my nose, or the one that i gagged on after it hit the back of my throat. Lovely.

Anyway, another day, another 5K.

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  • Oh, I also did a sprint for the last few meters. I thought it was really fast at 29K/hr and think I could have eked out a couple more K/hr. Then I realise that Usain Bolt does 44K/hr. That's almost exactly half as fast as my top speed again!


    Mind you, if he was in his 40s and weighed ~20 stone I bet......he would still run rings around me :-).

  • Nice one fella, you're up to 11K already this week I see.

    Lately I've been listening to healthynomics podcasts as I run, it's a series of talks on nutrition. I'm quite enjoying it actually. I was even thinking of downloading a talking book for my long runs.

  • Ah the of the joys of summer running!

  • Well done Yatesy , you're getting the mileage on those legs .

    It's all good :-) xxx

  • Great run, young man!

    It sound like my sort of run....apart from...errr....the distance..... and the speed... :) Brilliant.


    I know I have asked previously... but when do you move to a bigger property to house your gadgets....? :) :)

  • Funny you should ask as we are in the process of moving house :-).

  • Oops! Hope it goes well.. we moved this time last year! The joys!!!!

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