Week 9 Run 2 Done

I was a lot more motivated to get out and moving this morning, even though it was raining heavily. Go figure.

Got soaked, but I love the running in the rain.

File that last sentence under "more things that would have been completely incomprehensible before C25K".

The penultimate run is now chalked off. Took it real, real slow, just to minimise any risk of silly injuries. Quite enjoyable. :)


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  • Yep, I did my first proper run in the rain - thought about you as you'd responded positively to my previous post about drizzle! Well done on getting this far: just the one to go. Happy days.

  • Getting exciting - 1 more run to go! Any post-grad plans yet?

  • Nothing definite- more of the same, I guess. :)

    I plan to do another Park Run on Saturday, for my graduation run.

    I've downloaded the 3 Laura 5k+ podcasts, so I might give the stepping stone one a try, first.

    I've been reluctant to think ahead, to avoid jinxing myself. :)

  • Plenty of time after the BIG DAY! :)

  • Is it the same park you started on? I know you were thinking of trying it out? Well done on today's. 😊

  • Hi Bamb00, and thanks. :) They're different parks.

    The parkrun venue is 5 miles south of me.

    The park where I embraced C25k is 7 minutes walk away (I know precisely, from timing my walk to match Laura's podcasts).

    I was so impressed with parkrun, that I'm going to have to return there for my (hopeful) graduation run. :)

    I hope that your knee(s) are feeling better, but I know it might be early days to notice any difference :(

  • Ah yep I remember you scouted it out and then went for it last week. Sounds a lovely supportive place to run it. You'll smash it!

    Mmm! My knee unpredictable at mo. Had to resort to painkillers today so very cautious. Going to try a bit of rowing and build up before returning to c25k. Think I may be out of action longer than anticipated, but as I posted to Slinkyminky i am running vicariously through all of your successes. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌWill watch out for Saturday. All the best 😊😊

  • I can't believe how quickly this has come around, you are doing so well.

  • Thanks, Slowstart, it has been quick- it's all been a bit of a blur- unlike me! :)

  • It's amazing how C25K can change you for the better, isn't it!

    I'm also hoping to finish the programme with a parkrun on Saturday :)

  • Yes, it sure is Colettey-Betty. Enjoy your parkrun- I'm positive that you will! :)

  • Fab Finchy ! :-)

    I was just going to ask if you were going to use parkrun as your Graduation Run , that's great !

    Well done, its gone so quick ! xxx

  • Well done.☺ good luck with your final run, badge ready and waiting.🐡

  • Well done 90ldfinch; one more to go; very exciting!!!

  • Well done Finchy! You've all but done it! Glad that you enjoyed the run too.

  • I am loving that rain.. especially whilst it is so very humid! Well done you...

    Badge is being polished as we speak :) Go for it! :)

  • Yay Finchy - you are making this look so easy!!! Thanks for all your posts - and very best of luck for the final run. Looking forward to hearing all about it! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Thanks Indi- don't encourage me- I ramble on enough as it is :)

  • It really isn't bad running in the rain, I totally agree.

    And now we are all just waiting for your graduation run!

  • It does feel liberating running in the rain!πŸ˜†have a blast at parkrun for your graduation 😊

  • I was out about 04:45 am in the rain, in shorts & t-shirt & cap. There were quite a few cars going past me- you can be sure that lots of the drivers were thinking "why's that nutter running in the rain at this time of day?". I would have thought the same, three months ago....

  • Fantastic. Parkrun is a great way to celebrate your graduation. Look forward to your BIG post! πŸƒπŸ˜Š

  • Thanks Rhedwr , I've already started the first two chapters :)

  • Lovely! Have you something spectacular planned for graduation?

  • Ahh - I see parkrun is planned. Enjoy!

  • Thanks, Ullyrunner . I've stuck my head over the parapet, and glimpsed a far-distant 10k shiny badge.

    Sounds like lots of adventures lie ahead :)

  • Hope all goes well for your park run graduation. Will you tell people there?

  • Thanks dddd4 . People will think I'm stark raving mad if I tell them how excited I am about getting a virtual badge on an internet forum :)

  • There is a lot that would have been incomprehensible before...... Go smash it on run three. Or not. Don't be too competitive with self....or maybe you should?

  • Haha! Yes, Suebguineapig . I've already been deviating from C25k with a couple of 5k's already (mitigating circumstances, do NOT try this at home, kids). I will complete my graduation run in the true spirit of the program, and go at a very gentle pace.

    [As an aside, thanks to the sensible regular posters who have either bitten their tongue, or more likely just given up on me completely].

    Slow and steady wins the race.🐒

  • You are clearly just a rebel!

  • Rebel without a clue 😝

  • ha, ha. Who gives a clue?

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