Cracked it 😄

Today I did my first run of week nine. Most of the time I huffed and puffed so much, the big bad wolf would have been proud😄 But for the first time, I actually enjoyed running and I felt a bit like a proper runner. I had thought that maybe running just wasn't my thing so I'm glad that I finally broke through whatever it was that was holding me back. Graduation here I come. Thanks for the support and advice


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4 Replies

  • Congratulations - welcome to the running club. Graduating in 4 days - isn't it great how far you have come in 9 measly weeks!

    Congrats again.

  • Well done and good luck with run 2&3 of week 9

  • Well done you, it's strange how the running bug creeps up on you🏃. Good luck with your last 2 runs. 🐵

  • Great! It amazing when it all comes together!

    Hope you're planning something special for graduation.

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