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Returning to running

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I'm new here i am struggling with depression and seroxat I have been ill most of this year and am now trying to run again I am finding it hard my main problem is breathing.

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Welcome shandyspencer and well done on taking this hugely positive step to improve your health and well being ! I have found this forum absolutely incredible in terms of support, advice, encouragement and loads of laughs too. I am now on week 8 and never ever would have believed I would get this far - please keep posting and the very best of luck to you !πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€


Welcome aboard Shandy !

If youre struggling with your breathing , could it be that youre going too fast ?

Slow and steady is the way, its just a gentle jog .

Have you downloaded the podcasts ? :-) xxx


Good luck. Running is fantastic therapy! Take it slow. Trust the programme and you can do it! πŸ‘ŠπŸ½

Thank you for your encouragement I'm feeling much more positive


Welcome to the fold, here's to a future of running! I started out two months ago with barely being able to manage 30 seconds and am about to start on week 9 tomorrow, I can hardly believe it myself! It really is a mood lifter and stress reliever all in one. Highly recommended! Good luck and let us know how it goes.


Welcome! Slow down if you're having trouble breathing and try to take deep breaths. I've been running for 5 weeks now and it's really helped my anxiety

Welcome! With the breathing - try and focus on the out-breath, and slow down! Take it easy, there is plenty of time...

I put the volume on the podcast/music loud enough so I can't hear myself breathe - just the sound of me huffing and puffing makes me feel exhausted. It does get easier - you think it won't, and then it does. I still think that first week is physically and mentally the hardest. I've always been awful at running - no stamina at all, and I honestly can't believe how this program has turned me into someone who can go for a 30 minute run and enjoy it. Best wishes to you - just get yourself out the door on your run days and don't have any expectations about the quality of the run - just getting out there is doing you the world of good❀️

Thank you your help is so encouraging


hey you have done the hardest step, which is getting started, as others have said slow down, take your time and keep posting on here, there is lots of support on this forum and we all help each other get through, you can do it!

Thank you my depression is getting me down and my confidence is low but the encouragement on this forum is inspiring

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