Returning for good

Hi Everyone.

I started this plan last year and got to week 9 with no major problems (apart from the obvious hard work!), anyhow life got in the way and it fell by the wayside so i never got to graduation. Christmas came and went, as did the bad weather and now I am back. I've re-joined the gym and am serious about looking after myself and getting slim and healthy. I want to get my confidence back so that I can get back out on the road at least once a week. I've started from scratch as i know by doing each week I can get back to where I was before. I've done W1R1 and W1R2 this week and am planning W1R3 tomorrow...... and it feels good already :)


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12 Replies

  • Congratulations for starting it over again :) Yesterday I completed run 1 of week 9 and it felt great , all the hard work pays off !

  • Thanks very much

  • Welcome back! I wondered where you snuck off to!!!! :-) You will breeze through the weeks now and will officially be a Graduate in no time at all!! Steve and I are still running. Steve ran his first 10K in February and I ran my first 10K in April, we are currently doing the 5x50 Challenge. Happy to see you again!!!! :-) Gayle

  • Hi! Aw thanks very much, great to hear your both going great guns! 10k's; awesome :)

  • All power to your legs and good on you for starting again!

  • Ha, cheers Beek

  • I know the feeling - only just returning myself, ooops!

  • We think we are the only one's doing it don't we. Everyone must struggle at some point. Good on you for coming back too

  • Welcome back! Great idea to start back at the beginning - as you said, you know you can do this. Keep blogging so we know how you're doing :)

  • Thank you, I know i can do it (i also know how hard it is! - but then again if it was easy we wouldn't feel half as proud of ourselves would we?)

  • Thats brilliant to hear - i have just done the same thing. I completed and graduated last year and kept running regularly doing 4 or 5 k every other day until October when life got in the and I dropped and dropped days until i was hardly running - really annoyed. I started again a couple of weeks ago just running as far as i felt which was about 1.5 k but still very unmotivated - so this week i started all over again - W1 all the runs - just done R2. And i think it will work now - i do feel much fitter than when i did it last year so have kept some fitness!

    But so glad to hear of someone else doing the same - I thought i was a wimp starting at the beginning again - Thank yoiu lots

  • We are definately not wimps!! :) I think it takes guts to admit we let things slide but we are back! Everyone is so helpful and supportive; we'll get there.

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