Crying and speedy buns

Crying and speedy buns

So... My two tips...

1. I have been running everyday for a while now- part of me maturing as a runner. Yesturday I did 7 miles on my gorgeous trail. I was feeling really low and tearful and just let it all out as I ran down one of the hills. It really helped... I would have continued on this trajectory and thrown in some wailing for good measure except I was passed by 2 runners ( this never happens) who looked a bit concerned!!! Oh well, my point is that running can really help our general mental health and also it's good for release.

2. I shared some tips on speed on the marathon running and support blog ( please do come and join us: ) and I just wanted to share one of the tips for you guys starting out....' Engage your glutes' which in English means squeeze your bum when you run. I have been testing this and yesturday on my descent ( my trail is like a flipping mountain) I was really tired ( probably due to the crying!!) and gave it a go along with shorter strides. It works... I felt a power surge and rocketed the rest of the way!! Amazing... I am going to try it again today when I go out there shortly...


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  • Let me get this straight ! You were crying as you were squeezing your bum while running??? My answer would be to either stop running or stop squeezing your bum - or maybe both?? :)

  • Thanks for the tips, as always useful , juju. What better way to let it all out in the fresh air on a run. Far better than turning to the bottle or munching through bags of crisps! I always find running gives me time to think and clears my mind. Will try to engage my glutes on the next run. Anything is worth a shot if it improves my running.

    BTW, have you changed your name?

  • That's what running is for letting it all out and feeling better at the end of it

    PS girl that's dedication - running, crying AND squeezing your bum! Ha ha! Wish I had that level! πŸ˜‚

  • Isn't thatcalways the way, you never pass anyone till you're engaged in something you don't want an audience for, then suddenly people are everywhere. Hope your sadness passes but the release probably did you good. I tried squeezing my bum during yesterdays run but weirdly could not coordinate it with moving my legs forward! Strange. Will have to work at it. What I noticed is it moves your pelvis and immediately straightens you up which is brilliant for when you start to get tired. I didn't get your power surge but I want it so I'm sticking with it.

  • I am a big fan of glutes exercises - I have been doing 20 reps of glute bridges (with Pilates breathing) every day as part of my rehab and recently discovered I can now do a few on one leg (even on the injured side), which I have never been able to in my life before. I am hoping this will help my running when I eventually start again.

    Sometimes a good cathartic cry is best way to let off steam - hope the sadness lifts for you JJ. And what happened to your JuicyJu avatar?

  • Hope you're feeling better JJ. Will try the glute squeeze while running, but that may be more coordination than I'm capable of.

  • If you ever need any help engaging your glutes....

    And I hope your sadness has gone now.

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