Ju Ju's Slump tips

Ju Ju's Slump tips

I am reading about a lot of you having post graduate 'slump- off ' ( yes that is a recognized running term... ahem). I have also noticed some folk haven't been here for a while... yes you yatesco and I wanted to share some basic tips for getting your mojo back that I have learnt in my short running journey!

I am posting a vid I did on my trail but I get cut off after number 2... so here is the rest:

3. Set one simple goal which is more about quality, e.g: Find a new route, take pictures of everything yellow ( Yes I have actually done this!!) and make a montage of your run, wear a new lipstick ( hello boys!), find a new running buddy ( I started going out with my daughter on her roller skates and we have a real laugh as well as quality time). The one rule is- no focus on speed, distance or time :)

I hope one of these may help you if you are struggling.

Happy Panthering everyone

Ju- Ju

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  • I think I'll have a go with the new lipstick. 😁

  • you should, its very effective ;)

  • Well that's persuaded me to spring for the red variant I've been lusting after!

  • excellent!!!

  • Bought!! Not quite sure I'll wear it running tho!

  • I'll let you know how it goes... I might even post a picture. :D

  • We will look forward to that!!

  • I was going to try the panthering but then I realised I was thinking of Cougar ;)

  • Hee hee ;)

  • Hi Ju-Ju-

    Great to see you are still on here, and still enjoying your running. I've not posted for a while, but I'm still running, I just havnt felt I had anything new to say :)

    I'm running consistantly 3 times per week, one of them being a longer run on sundays and the other two being 35 minute runs. The sunday runs are currently 25km.

    2nd runniverssary is coming up next month :) It doesnt feel like 2 years, although in a way it does in that I can no longer imagine not running :)

    Spent a week or so in the UK during the august hols, and ran two parkruns at Leamington Spa, putting in two consecutive PBs, and also ran around Draycote water several times which I always enjoy.

    The midsoles of my favourite running shoes began to split vertically (theyve done over 700km) so I thought I'd try glueing the splits with UHU before giving up on them and throwing them away, hey presto, they're now as good as new :))

    Still using C25K+ stamina for my short runs and Audiofuel Polyrunner for my long runs. Keep meaning to try C25K speed, but never seem to get round to it. Maybe if I add an extra running day in the week :)

    Bought a belt from decathlon with two water bottles in it. It really has been a boon on those long runs during the hot weather. Water tastes so delicious half way through a long run :)

    Pleased to see that there are still lots of people starting C25K. Lots of people who's lives are really going to be changed for the better.

    Happy Running C25Kers :)

  • Brilliant, and thats so good to hear you are still running... and UHU, thats terrible!! If you want some race support, come and join us on Marathon Running and race support ....https://healthunlocked.com/marathon-running

    This is such a fantastic programme isnt it??...

  • Yes it does! Have been very surprised at how much I have missed the structure of the programme. Have joined the September quest for just that reason. Thanks!

  • Excellent, I hope you enjoy it and feel the love again :)

  • Yes, where is yatesco?😊😊

  • Yes, I wondered that too, I can see from Garmin Connect he hasn't run for a while...

  • Hi

    yatesco replied to a post earlier, he has had a bit of a break but hoping to get back into it :-) xxx

  • My running at the moment is still hard work. I think I might be turning a corner, I'm having to put a bit more effort in. I am feeling positive.

  • brilliant, its about little goals that give us a boost... well done :)

  • Haven't seen oldfloss on here for a while either, missed her ramblings! But she may still be on holiday in France,will no doubt hear some good stuff when she's back!😊

  • I noticed that too... hope all OK with her...

  • I love the fact that panther has come out to play again, great advice.

  • :)

  • New running kit always works for me (but I am a running kit addict)!

  • me too, gotta love new kit :)

  • Love these ideas Ju-Ju! The humidity has left me a little unenthusiastic at times just recently but I especially like the idea of no focus on pace/distance occasionally - hard when you're wanting to up the mileage for an event but I think a good reminder about why we run in the first place..for the love of running! Thank youπŸ™‚

  • I just think its easy to get so hung up on pace, distance etc when if we strip it back we feel that enjoyment again...

  • Hiya, can I also ask you how you post a video on the site? Is it just the same as posting a piccy? :) ta muchly, I'm pretty rubbish at tech stuff

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