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W7R1 n a bit

My bad planning n time management turned my nice 25min run into an almost 5k.

Ran a little faster than usual so deviated from my usual route meaning by the end of 25mins was quite a distance from home n needed to get to the nursery in 15 mins to pick up the toddler (it's over the road from my house). Ended up running for am extra 10 mins so including my 5min warm up n cool down ran 4.6k according to map my run.

Not sure what the nursery thought when I turned up all red faced n dripping sweat

I am shattered n stretching like mad n definitely not going to be doing that again at least not until week 9 lol

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Ooh hope you stretched for good long time. hot bath when your little ones in bed?😊


Just think how far you've come that you had enough breath left to run further. I remember rushing to pick kids up when they were toddlers- I bet the adrenalin helped!


Great that you are fitting running into your busy life shelliemac. Phew..can just imagine you tearing up the street to the nursery with Laura telling you that your warmdown is now complete..😊

Maybe plan run 2 so you can finish with a little time to spare..😉x


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