When will it be fun

Hi everyone, I have just done w8r2 this evening. I did manage it but from the minute I start running I just cannot get my breathing right and so I run, wheezing and puffing along. It kinda ruins the run because I am trying to avoid passing people. I didn't worry too much til now, I thought it would come right in the end but it's not. Any suggestions or advice please


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9 Replies

  • But you are running for 28 minutes so something must be coming right!

    We all puff and pant along - it takes real effort. It took me a long time to enjoy the actual running but I always got a tremendous buzz from completing the runs and had a real 'afterglow' - not just from the red face.

    It does get easier as you become more practised and stronger. One day soon you will experience that high.

    Maybe think about going a bit slower? - it does help the breathing.

  • Hi Lornia,

    It takes a few mins for your body to get enough oxygen into the bloodstream to cope with the exertion of running. I find if I'm kind to myself and take the first 5 to 8 mins REALLY REALLY steady I don't get that breathless out of puff feeling and it just kind of settles and feels normal. You do feel a bit silly going so slowly but its worth it and makes the whole run much easier.

    People who see you have no idea how long you have been out running for, you could have been out for hours as far as they know, so don't worry what others may think. SLOW SLOW, slow slow slow.😊

    Graduation beckons...

  • Thank you both for the much -needed encouragement. I am determined to complete the programme but sometimes it's nice to have the support of people who know 🙂Will slow down and see how it goes.

  • My breathing doesn't sort itself out until about 10 minutes in. Until then I'm breathing in from my mouth instead of my nose and like you huffing and puffing. Are you running on the flat or is it hilly?

  • Running becomes much more fun when your body can do what you are demanding of it with reasonable ease. If you are having trouble breathing then you are probably running too fast. The two things are linked.

    The breathing suggestions given by Laura may well be desirable, although they are much debated and l personally decided that trying to control my breathing was counterproductive to my running efficiency. When pushing hard it is impossible to inhale enough through ones nose. Timing breaths with paces was too much for my little brain, so l decided to do what came naturally rather than give up running. I soon learned that if l was puffing then l was running at an unsustainably fast rate, so l slow until breathing is even and natural.

    Relax, you are doing great.............but just try a bit slower. It will be more fun.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Have you tried (and practised) rhythmic breathing?? We don't need to do this when we are breathing "normally" - ie when we are not in any way stressed or pushed. But I could not run at anything above a very slow jog if I did not breathe rhythmically. Now, people will argue as to whether you should breathe 3/3 or 4/4 or 3/2 or something else -- I use all of these different ryhthmns at different times --same as I do 3/4 during a waltz or 4/4 during a quickstep :) So for me - it is 4/4 for a slow Jog, 3/3 during a parkrun and 2/2 in the last 2-300 metres of a parkrun. I don't think I have ever breathed 1/1

  • I find standing tall and focus on a distant object helps me to breath, I blow and puff like a broken steam engine. It lets people know I'm behind them at least.

  • Love your pic plop...😊

  • Thank you all for the advice, will give these things a try and see what works for me. Am due for a run tonight and I think I am actually looking forward to it a bit. Maybe, I am begin to warm to this running lark. 🙂

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