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When will I start to enjoy it!

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Hi everyone, this is my first post. I have just completed Run 1 Week 7. I have been following the programme to the letter and have completed every one without having to repeat any. I run every other day, sometimes every 2 days. I know this is a massive achievement, who thought I could run non-stop for 25 mins! I do have a problem with confidence though, in most areas of my life and the fact that I am struggling through each run and not enjoying it, makes me feel like a failure. I read about people loving it and looking forward to the runs. I don't feel like that! As soon as I start, I am wishing for the end! I just want to reassure myself that I am not the only one who feels like this! I want to go forward with a positive attitude and not a "oh god I need to that again!" I really do want to finish the programme and have something that I have achieved despite all the negative feelings!

Thank you

28 Replies
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You're right, this is a massive achievement! Really, it is!!!

Let it sink in for a moment just how far you've come, and just how many of the people you know, and feel "inferior" to haven't achieved it (probably haven't even tried, the lazy so-and-so's ;) )

As to enjoying it:

Some people NEVER enjoy running. That's absolutely fine.

But, if that's you, then it makes your achievement even more amazing. Sticking at something that you don't want to be doing and seeing it through is NOT "failure" by any stretch.

How many of those "better" people you know would stick at something they're "not enjoying" for nearly 2 months? How many would have the sheer determination and commitment to not just give up?

Others could enjoy running but don't because they make it harder than it needs to be.

Yes, it should be tough (physically and mentally) but, especially in the beginning, it shouldn't be TOO tough.

If you think there's any chance that might be you, then SLOW DOWN!!! No, really, SLOOOWWWWERRRR than that...

Don't even think about "this is too slow" until you've decided if you're enjoying it.

You wouldn't (I hope) criticise someone 5 lessons into learning to drive for not reaching the national speed limit, would you? Because you know thar's likely to leave them as one if the many car owners who "don't enjoy" driving.

Learning a new physical activity like running is exactly the same - you get the idea, the basics, and the mindset firmly planted before even thinking about doing it quicker.

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Cocoblue in reply to Thatwasunexpected

Thank you for this, it made me cry reading it! You are right I do need to sit back and think about what I've actually done. And I hadn't actually thought about it in the way you describe. Continuing to do something that I am not enjoying at the moment and not giving up! Thank you, its encouraging to know that some people don't enjoy it either!

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Don't worry, I feel that every run! Once I got to 30mins it became my comfort zone and now I'm running for 55mins its a killer! I dread it but force myself out the door at least twice a week. I've now tried bribing myself with new shoes etc!

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Cocoblue in reply to Enxo

Thank you! 55mins wow! Congratulations! This is encouraging, great idea about the new shoes!!

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I've just seen a poll on here about whether or not you enjoy the run. You are not alone! It seems a lot of people only enjoy the feeling at the end!

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Cocoblue in reply to Newbie59

It makes you wonder why we do it!!

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ThatwasunexpectedGraduate in reply to Newbie59

I'm kind of conflicted on it.

I don't enjoy being hot, sore, sweaty and breathless. Not only that, I can't imagine how anyone could!

But I do enjoy:

* Knowing that I'm doing something that makes the chance of a second heart attack far less likely

* Steadily losing weight without resorting to eating rabbit food or having to obsessively count calories

* Above all, I absolutely knowing that, when the little voice is saying "I can't do this", I've found a bigger voice that can shout out "yes, you can and you are". That's really empowering, and something I can enjoy even out on the road!

To be honest, it's that last one I rely on most during the runs themselves. The first two get me out the door, the last keeps me running to the end :)

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Cocoblue in reply to Thatwasunexpected

Absolutely agree. Its the third point that really keeps me going!

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EnxoGraduate in reply to Thatwasunexpected

The other voice I like beating is the "YOU can't do this!" and literally thrashing those still on the couch!

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I’ve done c25k twice and I’m with you 😂 great feeling at the end of the run though

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I’d say that makes you totally normal! I liked the end bit mainly and sometimes most of a run.

Since graduating I enjoy it more. Its about freedom.

But you are doing it during this strange time in all our lives and that makes you amazing as alot of people would give up and you haven’t - or not start!


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Cocoblue in reply to FreedomToRun

Thank you so much, I had started C25K a couple of times in the past and never moved beyond week 2 or 3. I wanted to come out of this strange time having achieved something good, which was my motivation to start it again. I thought I would be enjoying it more by now though!! It seems not!

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FreedomToRunGraduate in reply to Cocoblue

Keep going. You’re so close and then freedom to run in the way you want to! I’ll be cheering you on!

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Hi Cocoblue, I know what you mean. I had a terrible run today but told myself at least I got out there!! My daughters boyfriend is a very keen marathon runner and I asked him what he liked about running and he said ‘the end’ - the shocking thing is that he wasn’t joking!!!!! I would slow right down and try running off road if you don’t already? I run in the countryside with my dog and on my last run a beautiful red fox ran across my path!!

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Thank you AlysP, it's strange how nobody seems to enjoy it!! I do run in the countryside and I do try and take my mind of what I am doing by looking around me, but that only lasts about 5 seconds and I am back to counting down the minutes!! I will endeavour to do this more and take in my surroundings!

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AlysPGraduate in reply to Cocoblue

Ah what you need is a really jazzy playlist!!! I made myself a playlist on Spotify with a very fast beat (because I do small strides, not because I am fast). It includes 'I'm Still Standing/Elton John, What a feeling/Irene Cara/Don't stop me Now/Queen, Maniac/Flashdance etc. All very old and probably not your thing but I pay them very loudly on my headphones and they get me through.

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Cocoblue in reply to AlysP

Thank you, I will definatley try these!

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Newbie59Graduate in reply to AlysP

they all sound great, defo keep you running :)

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Newbie59Graduate in reply to Cocoblue

I do enjoy it most of the time because I run a lovely route, that normally I would walk round, but AlysP is right, it's the music that gets your feet moving!

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AlysPGraduate in reply to Newbie59

My warm up walk which I still do post graduation is to YMCA. I dont do the moves though or it would scare the wildlife😂 😂😂

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Cocoblue in reply to AlysP


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Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

and includes advice on minimising impact, stretching after every run, hydration and strengthening exercises, all of which will help.

Can you speak aloud, clear, ungasping sentences as you run?.........if not, you are going too fast.

Slowing down to the recommended easy conversational pace makes it more achievable and for most, more enjoyable.

Enjoy your journey.

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I just want to say thank you to everyone who has commented. I can't tell you how much better you have made me feel! I feel like I am not alone on this journey and the feelings I'm having are normal! This community is so supportive, and some great ideas for a running playlist! x

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Hi Cocoblue, I'm on w2r2 and I admire how you've got to week 7 and ran 25minutes none stop. I don't think I've ever ran that much since my school days. I also hate running... I do like the music I listen to and the sometimes the scenery and the fresh air is good as I have isolated myself since March!

Is there anything on your run you like?

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Cocoblue in reply to f1madman

I'm probably the same, not run like that since school, and I am now 53!! It's great to be out in the open air, and that's what I like the most. I am very lucky in that I have some lovely countryside around me to run in so I am thankful for that! Well done for getting to Week 2, lots of luck! And so glad to hear that you are now venturing out after isolation. We need to do something to distract ourselves from these strange and worrying times

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I only said to my dad yesterday that it's weird that I'm so looking forward to my next run (Wk9 R1) even though I know it's going to be horrible 🤣 I haven't found that I am happy running yet or that it's easy but I'm loving the challenge and the progression and the sense of achievement. No excercise is easy, you always have to push yourself but the feeling afterwards is so good its worth it. And If you look back I bet you can see where you have improved, might not feel like it but with this programme we are constantly getting better and stronger. Keep going, we can both get to graduation 💪😊

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Cocoblue in reply to Daisy-runner

Yes you are right, if I think back to week 1 I could just about manage those short little runs, never in a million years did I think I could do what I've done today. Its true that you have to take the time and step back and look at the achievement! Good luck for Week 9!!

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Exactly, every week has been a "omg can I run that?" but we have. I had a similar wobble at week 7, similar post to you and put it down to transitioning to runs without walk breaks. It felt like a slog but it gets better. Thank you 😊 and good luck to you to, see you at graduation

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