felt a wee bit better today, not quite so beetroot coloured. Slow and steady is suiting me fine. Cant listen to the podcasts though, i just wont jog/walk with earphones in , had a very dodgy experience at one time on Scotstown moor where i go , if id had earphones in id not have been as aware, so i have to just say to myself, keep going keep going, almost there. I have one of thoses watches ordered so i can tell how far im going. I have registered for the park run and marked on the calender when i reckon i will be able to do it.....quite a few weeks yet, but it means i have a goal to aim for

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  • It sounds as though you are progressing really nicely. I like to run without music or anything and use my Forerunner 220 just to measure progress or bleep out intervals.

  • Slow and steady is the way forward, when I run I only put 1 earphone in so can still hear was going on round me. 😃

  • You are doing just fine ☺personal safety is 1st priority and you have to go with works for you 😊

    Parkrun is a Great goal to aim at, you will be surprised at how much sooner you could do it than you think. ☺

  • maybe i will be able to get to it sooner but ive set the date for the week after the W9

  • Yay !

    Well done to you, youre up and running !

    Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • :)

  • well done, i'm a little the same with the ear phones but more a case of if someone's coming up behind me on a bike I like to hear them so I can move out of the way! I just don't turn up the podcasts very loud & can still be aware

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