Bittersweet Renegade Run

There have been some eloquent, moving posts on here recently about deaths of loved ones.

I can't add anything to those, but I had some sad news last night about the unexpected death of a friend.

There have also been some recent posts where people are breaking from C25k and carefully pushing themselves a bit further.

So, I was absolutely full of emotion this morning. It could have expressed itself in any number of ways, and would almost certainly have been negative before I discovered the benefits of running.

I'd got it into my head to try and do 5k, taking it really slowly, and knew that I should stop if it didn't feel right.

And guess what- I did it! 5k nailed, and it was my most enjoyable run so far.

It was the first time for a while that my legs didn't feel heavy and my calves weren't tight- I knew as soon as I started that it was going to happen.

I was welling up a bit on the return walk, but I'm strangely serene now.

Back to the official c25k program next time.

RIP Lisa- look, I managed to run 5k :)

Out of darkness cometh light :)

If in doubt, run :)


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23 Replies

  • Oh Finchy sending you (((( hugs ))) thankful that running is able to give you some peace in this very sad time

  • Sorry to hear of your lose.. 5k brilliant!! What an achievement👏👏am sure your friend was with you all the way, she would be very proud of you. Well done. Big hug.🐵

  • Strange how life can help us focus. Your first 5K in memory of a friend will live with you for years to come, I hope you can keep the serenity you felt today with you whilst you mourn her lose, and that this will form a happy memory whenever you think of her.

  • So sorry for the loss of your friend.

    In the face of death, running can be so life affirming. I hope it brings you solace. X

  • A great way to remember a friend. Something so positive to attach to a sad time. I am sure she would be proud of you. Sending you many hugs x

  • This is what I wanted to say, but your worded it so much better.

  • No words are sufficient but know that we all feel for you.

    Regarding the 5K - congratulations. Please understand though (from what I have read) that you achieving 5K is great, but is also something you can now consistently reproduce, which is great!

    I say that not to take _anything_ away from your 5K achievement (the first 5K is magical) only to encourage to keep running them!

    Again, sympathies, congratulations and hoping you take care of yourself in this emotionally turbulent time.

  • Sorry for the loss of your friend. This was a beautiful way to honour her and to give you some time to reflect.

  • I'm sorry for your pain oldfinch. There is much grief in our little community at the minute but also much to be joyful for. Your run was probably enjoyable because you were thinking of your friend and not thinking about the running! But well done and I hope getting out there gives you a little peace in the days ahead.

  • So sorry for your loss , Martin.

    Life can serve up some real blows when we least expect it....

    Well done on your 5k this morning xxx

  • Lots of warm thoughts sent your way.

    Running to free your mind and taking your friend with you in your heart. Well done, for your run and finding solace through that run :)

  • Thinking of you. xx

  • Thank you all for your very kind words, it's very much appreciated.

    Anyway, no point dwelling, you just have to keep pushing forward.

    Rest day tomorrow, and then maybe try a Park Run at the weekend.

    Onwards and upwards.

  • Lisa would be very proud of you, I'm sure - in fact IS very proud of you. So sorry for your loss xxx

  • The last 2 lines say it all:

    "Out of darkness cometh light

    If in doubt, run"

    Thank you for sharing your wise words at this sad time for you

  • Very touching post , so sorry for your loss , we find strength in many different places, glad you found yours in running and doing it for your friend .

    Take care and look after yourself too ☺

  • So sorry to hear your sad news. Sending you virtual hugs.

    Well done on reaching 5k, what an achievement and lovely to hear it brought you serenity and focus.

    Take care.

  • You ran in her honour, that is so beautiful. Big hugs. And of course congratulations on reaching 5k.

  • I'm so sorry you've lost your friend, 90ldfinch . As someone else has said already, you will always remember your first 5k and Lisa would have been cheering you every step of the way. X

  • So sorry for your loss, 90ldfinch . I think it's wonderful that you went for a run and that your first 5k was thinking about your friend Lisa. You will always remember that with a smile in your heart.

  • lovely post despite the sadness xx

  • Sad to hear about the loss of your friend. But as you say something good has come out of it.

  • So sorry to hear about Lisa finchy.

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