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just done the above and overall felt really good and enjoyed it, however I was so comfortable when Laura said push for the last minutes I was quite happy to increase and finish with style. However as soon as I stopped I had this dull ache in my left shin. Is the the shin splints I have heard off? I put ice on when I got home and will have to see how I am tomorrow. One thing for the first time I am going to ignore Laura and go for the modest finish on my next run😊

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Well done. Lost count of the amount of posts I've read with aches and twinges, so think it's to be expected at some time and nursing one myself after my traumatic w5r2 outside, I would consider the 2 day rest and going to do some exercises that others recommended on non run days.


Modest is good - I never managed a sprint finish!

I think you would know if you had shin splints as very painful.

Just stretch and rest, the ice should help. Take an extra rest day if you need to.


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