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I've got ankles!!!!

Hi everyone...just an update for you. Last night (very very reluctantly) I went to the gym and completed wk2r2. To say it was hard is an understatement (what is it about the 2nd runs?). I felt like my right leg was dragging behind me and that my muscles were gonna pop out of my pants!!! Much to my body's disgust, I carried on with the run and got it finished. I could't complete my full time on the bike after that but at least I got my run done. How I got to the car, I will never know!!

Anyway, to get to the title of this page - as I was laid on the settee resting my poor muscles, I was admiring my legs and hubby actually said that they were getting nicely toned. I have now got ankles which I haven't had since I was 15!!! My sister always had the nice ankles but I had cankles lol Now, I am getting shape so even if my legs do want to pack in on me, I am going to carry on with the runs and by the time the kids go back to school in September, I WILL be a runner. lol.

Also, I have lost another couple of pounds so I am the lightest I have been in 18 years - bring it on!!!

If you have sat and read all this, then thanks. This site means so much and it is great to have people who understand.

Good luck and happy running.

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Glad to hear that Hubby is saying all the right things! :)

Well done on your run and hope you enjoy the rest of the day with a big smile on your face.


Well done for the hard work, setting September as a target and something to aim towards is a really good way to keep yourself motivated.


Well done! My body still feels like that now sometimes after 6 weeks LOL - but I was super unfit!! :)


I think the nicest part of the programme is how it leads to better things. After only 2 weeks you are feeling good about yourself and confident that you can achieve great things- so you will be able to. Look forward to hearing about the new you and your progress through out the programme. :)


thanks everyone - will keep you posted


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