Sore Ankles

Hi everyone. I am just about to do W3D1 but am a little concerned about my sore/stiff ankles.

I haven't exercised for 18 months due to ill health but have been desperate to learn to run for so long, hence starting the C25K.

I'm not sure if my ankles hurt because I haven't exercised for so long or if I'm doing something wrong.

I only run on the treadmill. Could that be an issue?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I so want to continue and don't want these aches and pains to stop me.

Thanks for your help.


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10 Replies

  • Assuming you have done all of the previous runs and taken the rest days, have you had a gait analysis and got some proper running shoes?

  • Hi. Yes I have completed all the other runs and been having rest days from C25K. However, on my rest days I've been to the gym and worked the machines (not legs) or maybe gone for a short bike ride??????

    Nope, not had a gait analysis as wouldn't know where to go and I wear Nike trainers, although I couldn't tell you what type!

    Thanks for your response x

  • Your local running shop can usually do a gait analysis.

  • are you stretching your calves / Achilles as well as your quads and hamstrings after your run? Really does make a difference - as does good running shoes. You will probably find that you get transient aches and pains with the programme as your body gets used to working more and in a different way, but with stretching, ice after a run if necessary and may be an extra rest day you can get past that and get stronger.

    hope it goes well

  • Agree with all the above. You need to make sure you do lots of stretching after each run (it would be fair to say at least 15 mins of the right stretching exercises is needed). Have a look on YouTube for some stretching exercises. Definitely ice your legs after stretching if you're still in pain.

    You can get Gait Analysis done at Sweatshop stores, and do buy some decent running trainers. You don't have to buy them from the Sweatshop, just make sure you get the details of make and style and then look for them cheaper online. Gait Analysis is free, but expect to invest in a decent pair of trainers. Also I bought the Sweatshops moulded inserts to put in my trainers and they are brilliant (cost about £45) but well worth it as I feel much more secure in my trainers.

    Good luck x

  • You will ache! It's only natural if you've not exercised in a long time

    As you progress through the runs you will get stronger. Also supplementing the running with your gym work you should find that you get stronger quite quickly and the niggly ankles, knees etc disappear

    Good luck with it. Keep plugging away

  • That's good to hear. Was worried I was doing more harm than good xxx

  • Or could be that if your overweight like in the region of obese then running isn't the best exercise for you due to the stress on your joints. Either rap have slightly longer rest days...walk the distance until you feel no pain again or change exercise and do bike/rowing/eliptical trainer/swimming which are all far easier on the ankles and knees.

    Be smart forget what forums or plans give if your in actual pain and not musculature repair pain I.e. Quads hurting from running then back off reduce or change exercise. Listen to your body not the internet.

  • Thank you for your responses. It's really appreciated xxx

  • I suffer the same sometime.

    Your pain could be shin splints. Ice your ankles and rest. Gait analysia will help you choose the right running shoe. Decent insoles are a great help.

    Look for exercises to strengthen yourankles. Running puts 4x your body weight through each ankle

    Good luck

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