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Those pesky shins!

Hi all, I have been skulking for a while and decided to finally post! I was a keen runner last year, got to about 7k 3 times a week before I was struck down with shin splints...may actually have been a stress fracture as I couldn't run for 6 months. Recently started back up on C25k and unfortunately they came back - took a week off last week and used Greg's post from years ago as my bible, lots of stretching and swimming! I am starting back on week 4, completed r1 and shins were a little sore post-run but not terrible. Hoping the next run will be better!

So lovely to read the encouragement and advice on this forum. Wish I had had it last year - took me a good month to enjoy running at all! Keep on keeping on!


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Best thing I did to post on here. Sooo supportive. Best of luck with the rest of w4😊


Hope the worst is behind you now ☺goid luck with the rest of your runs 😊

There is a good section here on shin splints -


Maybe 3x7k each week was too much. If the shin splints recur then I would definitely recommend seeing a GP or physio to get to the root of the cause.


Thanks all for your comments and encouragement! I can't wait to get back out there and smash w4r2 now.

IannodaTruffe, could definitely have been too much, but I have also just realised that a lot of my issues began when I switched from my old, worn out trainers to some brand new stability ASICS...wondering if there may be a link and I don't actually need that much support...? Going to try with some different shoes in a couple of days and see if it makes any difference to my shins.


I had months off running too last year with the dreaded shin splints too. I had a lot of physio, which I did religiously four times a day, but it worked and made me stronger, essentially it's doing too much too soon. You have to be healed before trying to run again. I ran 3 minutes every third day, that's all, building up to 5 mins, 7, 10 etc etc. I learned to run with lower drop shoes and to run in a different style, suggested by my physio. Bit strange but I soon got used to it. The physio made my legs the most toned they'd ever been ☺ Running is all in the calves so they have to be strong.

I hope you can get it sorted out soon ☺


Thanks misswobble - really hoping I'll be back to it very soon. Can I ask what kind of things you did in your physio? And the different style - was it changing strike? I want to get into midfoot strike but think I am just pointing my toes and running very oddly indeed - also probably not good for my shins! Trying w4r2 tomorrow veeeeeery gently and if they get worse it's another week off for me!

Thanks for the well wishes :)


On the stairs - Do calf lifts, right up, slowly as far as you can - one leg at a time. Slowwwwwww lower into a heel drop, making sure to go as far as you can -very carefully! Lean again the wall, shoulders and backside touching it, then do foot lifts. Both feet at the same time. I also did swing out heel drops (single leg), where you hang on to the banisters and lean out, to get a deeper stretch. These will all be on the Internet. I started off with 30 secs building up over the weeks to 3 minutes or so

It might be that you need see a physio if the pain persists. I foam rolled for a bit, once the inflammation was much less painful. It was only a small area at the side of my leg below the knee. Your needs could be different to mine though

Ice is a good thing! I kept my freezer stocked up with ice blocks and iced my leg as much as possible. I also had anti inflammatory and pain relief from the doc. I resorted to making anti inflammatory smoothies for weeks 😊

Once i was allowed to run I had to run heel down first and then roll through the entire foot ending at the forefoot. Slow and deliberate to stop me running up on my toes because of my weak calves. This was spefic treatment for me though so I would urge you to see a professional. I had to go through my gp. I thought I had broken my leg! The pain was horrendous

I did no running for months and then only 3 mins every 3rd day 😕

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Okay great thanks. The pain is a bit better so will maybe wait a few days before deciding whether to see a doctor. One last question - was your pain directly behind the shin bone? I have had that type of pain, but it seems to have passed. Now my achy feeling is more on the inside of the calf, just inside the bone...?


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