W2R2 - pesky flies

Evening plod tonight, same route as last time which according to map my run is 3.9km.

Goes uphill to start, which isn't too bad as I still have some energy then!

Tonight though I was tracked by a group of flies nearly the whole way...they even preferred me to my dog, so I'm not sure what that says about my attractiveness! I spent a lot of time waving my arms in the air manically, so when it rained for the last ten minutes of my outing I was actually quite pleased.

Got home and then noticed the dog had found some fox poo to roll in as she had it both sides of her neck. Not sure if that had repelled or attracted the flies :)


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  • I find Avon skin so soft original body oil keeps the wee flies away - don't know why it works but it does! Midgies here in Scotland leg it as soon as they smell it!

  • I think I had heard of that before - will have to try!

  • I used to be an Avon lady - it's true - the British and US army recommend it! It has to be the 'original' flavour not the pink one.

  • That's the one - its amazeballs!

  • You might get some tips here on how to catch and eat them without even using your hands. :-)

  • Done that with a butterfly. Mmmm. Pass the salt someone.

  • I was once attacked by a butterfly (to the limited extent to which a butterfly can "attack" you). It must have noticed the syllable "fly" in its name and tried to live up to that. It wanted to drink the sweat of my smelly feet for some reason, and kept landing on me and licking me with its proboscis. Eventually it got quite annoying, although it was a bit hilarious to begin with.

    So how does the flavour of butterfly compare to that of fly, then?

  • Ha ha I don't want to eat them I'm vegetarian, I was getting a bit concerned as tend to have my mouth open with all the huffing and puffing :)

  • Mine, the other day, seemed to be attracted to my earphones. It took quite a while for them to find something more interesting, and leave me in peace.

    To my lasting disgrace, in a fit of rage a few days ago, I merged two flies on my leg who were so deeply in love (they were a-courting at the time) that they were never aware of the slow, angry hand that smashed down on them from the skies above.

    Yes, and the flavour of flies has converted many a person to the vegetarian diet, as you can see, even here.

  • Try and make a point of closing your mouth a bit when you run, and as your breathing improves it won't open so wide..

  • I'll try! Would like to make it look like I'm finding it really easy! :)

  • Oh - and for stinky fox poo: wash the dog, then "shampoo" him with ketchup - rinse well : any odour will go (odd but it works!)

  • Ha ha - that's why Laura encourages us to breathe in through the nose! They really don't taste good.๐Ÿ˜•

  • Thanks for the Avon body oil tips! Dog has been bathed, and if there are any traces I'll give the ketchup a go.

  • I hate flies when I'm out running. They can completely ruin an otherwise very enjoyable run.

    Avon skin so soft, huh? Maybe I will have to stop by the Avon lady down the end of the road.

  • ... Or try ketchup!

  • If you cover the dog with ketchup and then add onions , you're no longer a vegetarian.

    And our skin is going to be soft too , my running may not improve but my complexion : 9 weeks till perfect skin - new add for c25k!

    & well done on completing run 2 they are usually the hardest.


  • Ha ha hot dog, and considering leaving onions and ketchup on the dog to detract flies from me next time, and good luck with new skin care regime :)

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