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1st 5k since the end of October 😊

I'm so happy! I've been running on and off but usually around 30 minutes 4K give or take.

Tonight I wanted to make sure I could do it before the run I'm signed up for in 10 days. It really was putting it in my mind that I could do it. My time was 38:30, only about 2 minutes from my personal best. I'll do a couple of shorter runs before then. Just have to keep running consistently.

Happy running 🏃🏼

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Well done, Lavender. Good luck with your race.


Well done. Xx


Excellent. Sounds like you're ready for that race!


Nice one. Enjoy your race.


Well done on your progess, you find you go faster in a race as you're carried along with the atmosphere. I'm still classed as obese, and graduated 12 months ago. Last weekend at Rock and Roll 5k I managed a PB of 34:39, so do not worry you're not obtaining sub 30min 5k. My PB for 10k is 1:19:20, so don't think I'll ever reach sub 1 hour. As everyone else has said we are all different, in age, fitness and size, so the challenge is to do your best and be thankful you are running and improving. My next target is a half marathon next year, I know I will not be fast, but my target is to finish it!

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