W5r2 need some love😟

Before I wallow in self pity I did do it and outside. Masses of respect to everyone outside! I was flanked by daughters for support who both promptly left me about 3 mins into first walk😡The first 8 mins was torture and almost turned back. Really sapped me and the gremlins came rushing in, 'wind is with me what will I do when I need to turn back?'. (We were doing a nice square). Seeing people was the least of my worries. I'm not entirely sure how I made it round the rest, I guess weirdly the final 8 min run into very gusty run was easier, probably because I knew I was almost there. Leg aching and that's the good one! Not going to do anything till Sunday and need to decide if to repeat this outside or take to treadmill for 20 mins. Going to have a cup of tea and sulk.

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  • No need for any type of pity - it was hard but you did it.

    Whatever you decide for Sunday just take it very gently and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

  • Thank you Dunder2004 i think it was a shock to the system!

  • Don't sulk you got out there, and you completed the run. Outdoor running is so different from what you are used to on the treadmill. Not only is the running motion different, but as you have discovered, the weather will also affect you, as will the terrain. I'm glad your worries about being seen faded into the background, you didn't believe that would happen and you probably won't believe that being outside will be more fun in the long run. You just need time to adjust.

  • Thank you I hadn't banked on all the other outdoor things to put me off so much. Nearly lost my headphones. Avoiding horse poo etc. A rich tapestry not seen on the treadmill. Only saw one person and he waved encouragingly so yes it wasn't about that. Thank you for wise words

  • Why are you sulking??? You did week 5 run 2 which is an amazing achievement as its not easy. You should be feeling really proud of yourself. Think back 5 weeks ago and remember how you felt about running for 60seconds.....you've come so far

    YOU DID IT 🎉🎇🎆

    Its tough but if it was easy eveyone would be doing it 😉 have a good rest for a day or 2 then head out and take it steady. youve already proved to yourself that you can do it, stay positive.

  • Yep stopped sulking now. Have some perspective thank you. Girls were well impressed even if I was swearing at them as I approached. But as you say I did it and would never have got near that a few weeks ago. What was interesting is when I turned around and actually saw the ground I had covered. You don't get that on a treadmill do you. Thanks for support

  • Hey, that is something be proud of, well done you ☺After running on treadmill adjusting to the outside will take sometime, stick with it, it is Soo worth it😊

  • Thank you going to try although feel I may be a fair weather runner! 😊

  • I don't know that I can add to what the others have said but blimey, well done for fighting through. Don't sulk, be proud of yourself!

  • Thank you for support. Memory fading already ☺️

  • Come on fellow week 5'er.

    You did it!! You didn't throw in the towel and go back home; you persevered and YOU DID IT!!

    Should be proud of yourself x

  • Yep I'm still here, I think everyone's support on here kept me going to be honest it certainly wasn't the backsides of my daughters. 😅

  • Bless you, it cost you a lot but no-one can say you didn't do it, fantastic achievement. The most challenging runs really show us we are runners and we will do it, no matter what. Have a lovely rest, hope both your legs recover well

  • Thank you. Don't feel quite so sorry for myself now, especially rereading what things some people persevere through. Appreciate your words 😊

  • ah Bamb0014 don't be disheartened! There are good days and bloody awful ones, you got up and out and you kept going. I hated w4r3, couldn't tell you why really, it was warm, hay fever, didn't like the route, time of the month... Could be anything, I'll never know what made it so hard but the next one was totally different. You can keep doing it, keep believing!

  • Thank you Feelingsilly is becoming a distant memory. Thank goodness and I've decided to do the biggie w5r3 on the treadmill on Sunday. I need to be in control for that one and then start to do more outside, hopefully and with no win. I think I had such great expectations about the great outdoors. When's your w5r3 it must be soon?

  • Going to try it tomorrow eve if it's not too hot 😕 Running is running, treadmill or outdoors, it's still running, pat yourself on the back!

  • Best of luck with it don't forget to post😊

  • Hey... just you stop that... you did it!

    You went outside and into the wild, wide world and it is.. weather and all that goes with it. You did it and you can do it again...!

    People... ignore them..gremlins, ignore them too! Horse poo.. go around it!

    Rich tapestry indeed it is! Check some of the posts out...including my ramblings...

    Go for your next run and just rock it! Slow and steady is the way!

    No one says it is going to be easy, but they do say, it is going to be soooo worth it! :)

  • Thank you Oldfloss i read some posts including sparky66 who graduated today and I 'sucked' it up and put it in perspective. I really didn't think I could run at all for even a minute when I began and when I turned around today and saw the distance in real life it helped, but most of all everyone on here- so pleased I posted instead of 'lurking' 😉

  • It's that run today that gives you the will power to go forward.. next run you can say you got through and WILL do it again :) and you will..and you will be great!

  • Hi Bamb0014 - Well done on venturing outside , sounds like quite an adventure! You did so well to get through it - it's really so different the first time , easier in some ways with all the distractions but harder in others . Like u I'm a fair weather 'runner' so the treadmill is used a fair bit too . All the very best for your Run 3 - I know it's hard to believe but You Are ready for it!!! We are all here cheering you on wherever u decide to do it! 🍀👍🏽👍🏽

  • Thank you sparky66 and Indizulu comments much appreciated, decided to go treadmill for the infamous r3!! And play safe 😊

  • Well done! I found the first half tough going but once I'd found my zone it was ok - was amazed at my breathing recovery!!! Second half of the second run tough going, really needed Laura to be more encouraging! Not looking forward to the 29 min run tomorrow!!!

  • Thanks Allydee. I've been very stiff today and I'm definitely leaving r3 an extra day. Breathing not been too much of a problem throughout- just the weariness oh! And gremlins😊 Good luck with 29 min run tomorrow

  • Hang on in there! "Outside" is much more interesting. I ran past a trellis of clematis today (twice, out and back) and the scent was amazing; and I had a good laugh at some tasteless garden furniture; and I realised that our lawn is the most unkempt in the neighbourhood. You don't get all that on a treadmill. Seriously, shout at those gremlins - you won, they didn't!

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