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The bad run

I knew it was coming - it was all feeling too good and passing without incident!

After the last couple of runs feeling great I did W6R2 this evening. I'd had a bad day anyway and was trying to cram in a run when I was already stressing about where I had to be later and how much needed to get done. Started ok, the first 10 minutes felt long. About 5/6 minutes in I felt a muscular like ache on the outside of both ankles (right worse than left). I considered it a mix of a mental roadblock along with normal running muscular aches and kept going. Once I slowed to a walk when the first run was done and shifted my weight I realised I could barely stand on my right ankle. I paused the podcast and spent 10 minutes stretching it out. Not sure if it was silly or not but it felt better after stretching so I carried on, very slowly, and finished the run. It felt a little achey towards the end but not as much as the first half. Stretched it out well afterwards and although it's a little stiff, it doesn't hurt anymore.

I have no idea which muscle/tendon/ligament was hurting! It was when I pushed the outside of my foot down towards the floor that I felt the pain/stretch. Any ideas? I think it's fine now but may have a couple of rest days and see how it feels.

At least I was (semi) ready for the bad run when it did come! Won't let it get me down - will get back to it when I'm sure that it feels ok which will hopefully be only a few days!

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Ow, that sounds nasty and like you said disappointing. Was it like cramp? Maybe the extra running needs more stretches especially if you had been rushing around or in heels all day. Even before this programme I sometimes felt my calves twinging if I went straight to flatties from heels. Probably not the same muscle but I think you are right and it needs some rest. Sounds more positive that it did at least ease relatively quickly. Someone with more knowledge will undoubtedly be along soon. Hope it feels better today


Hi Melly - hope your ankle is OK. I didn't do that run yesterday as I was feeling really grotty. Hoping to get out today. We're in Pembrokeshire for a few days and I really want to run by the sea!


This was the 'killer one' for me too. Trust in the programme x


Glad you've still got your enthusiasm after all that Melly- rest is best. You'll know when you're ready for the next run. :)


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