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Week 7 day 1- Fail


Against better judgement I did my run today, wasn't feeling great and very tired after a night with two sick children. I only managed 12 minutes before I gave into the gremlins and walked 😢

I'm going to forget today happened and go out again on Wedensday and try again. So disappointing but I'm sure after a good nights sleep things will seem much better!

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Sounds like a plan. You must have been exhausted before you started. Hope they are both better and you rest up good luck for Wednesday. 👍🏻


Never, ever a fail. :) The health of you and your children are obviously paramount.

Walking's great exercise, don't be disappointed. Plenty of time for midweek running later on :)

ShireenjoonGraduate in reply to 90ldfinch

Thanks, I'm having an early night ready to try again tomorrow.


Hi Shireenjoon. I also had a disappointing run yesterday Wk8R1. Woke up with a sore throat and runny nose and debated whether to run or not. Wish i hadn't! Ah well hopefully the next one will be better and for you too. Keep up the good work! 🏃🏃 PS hope kiddies soon be better x

ShireenjoonGraduate in reply to DonNnaB

Thanks, hope you're feeling better too.

Hi Shireenjoon, had a similar experience - about to go out for W7R1 attempt 4 but we can do it!

ShireenjoonGraduate in reply to optimisticoxford

How did it go?

optimisticoxfordGraduate in reply to Shireenjoon

Better than last time but still had a few short walks! Think I'm starting out too fast (and need to stop trying to run when hungover ha!)


Please don't use the F word on this forum!!!

It takes most of us quite a long time to accept that we can't perform as well when we are below par, either because of tiredness or illness. The phrase "Listen to your body" is often quoted on here and is the secret of successful running. Often it is better to delay running, but if you have to run then lower your expectations. Don't underestimate how long your performance will be affected either. It may take several days to get back to normal.

In the grand scheme, having to repeat a run is totally insignificant.

ShireenjoonGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

I actually thought I'd accidentally sworn for a second then 😂

I won't use it again.

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