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Meeting 'Julie'

Went back to the podcasts for w9r1 today. Julie sounds like an annoying bhatch and I don't think I'lledr be spending any more time with her. Realised I really like Sarah Millican and my own play list. My bluetooth earphones also ran out of juice halfway through so I had to finish using the app anyway.

RUnfortunately went well, I managed 4.2km actual running and 5.4 km including warm up and cool down.

Graduation is so close I can almost taste it!

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Just 2 more runs - great going! :)

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Looking good Hack.

I ditched Laura's music long before week 9 but had to listen to "Julie" because it was so often mentioned on these forums. Still can't work out of it's fantastically awful or awfully fantastic.


Previous songs had always had an echo of another 'real' hit eg there was one a lot like Beautiful Day by U2. Not quite worked out where 'Julie' has its roots.


🎼🎶You and Julie, you and Julie..... Ahhh I love the w9 podcast ❤️❤️ I've use it loads over the past 2 years, the last time being at Saturday's Parkrun. I just tune in, zone out and run.

🎶 You and Julie, you and Julie.....🎶


I'm on week 6 run 2 tomorrow - I may bin Laura for the long runs (love her for getting me this far though) - but I'm definitely back in for Julie - it's all part of the experience


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