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Julie!!!! How could I have forgotten Julie!!!

So week 8 dawned and out I went, still continuing to find my way back to fitness. I found that my pace has upped a bit and that I am again enjoying being out there (maybe its the weather, who knows, this weekend may tell? :) ).

Fired up Laura on the podcast and off I went. A wee bit of my brain suddenly woke from its slumbers.

"I recognise that" it said

"Is it?

Could it be"?

I think it is! It is, it is!!!!!

You and julie, you and jooooolie!!!!!


I had filed poor Julie into the dusty archive section of the mind but out she came.

Running, singing and swallowing flies. Ahhhh , memories :D

Have a good weekend all and the very best to all in the London marathon. I will run approx 5 k with you here in Glasgow.

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You and Julie: definitely the C25k unofficial anthem :)


I'm not sure if I should be looking forward to Julie? 4 weeks to go before I'll know.


I've got Julie stuck in my head lol.


Running.... A simple activity with no side effects except one. YOU WILL NEVER GET THAT SONG OUT IF YOUR HEAD!


Oh I will never forget Julie, happy days :-) xxx


I think I might pull Laura's icky taste in music out of the hall of shame in week 8 to find out what all the fuss is about. There only seems to be one song everyone likes over the whole nine weeks :D


Likes? I don't think that's quite the right word...I think everyone should be made, nay forced, to listen to it at least 6 times if they want their grad badge....

there's a bit in the first chorus, I think it's someone laughing in the background, and I thought it was a pack of dogs chasing me....

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