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Hello Julie, here we go...

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Week 8, run 1 done. Another enjoyable one.

I think I know what went wrong last time. My 5 minute warm up walk finished on an uphill so I carried on up to the end of the road then turned back. I think I must have continued with the same effort as I went downhill so ended up going a bit too fast. Then couldn't sort it out for ages (I have done the same route before without a problem)

Anyway today as soon as Laura said get ready to run I crossed straight over and set off at a steady pace which I maintained most of the time, occasionally choosing to speed up a little bit (just because I can, now! )

A good route, combining the best of previous ones and mainly in the meadow which is mown in a sort of figures of eight plus some other bits so when I get to a junction I can just think "this way this time" and it is not at all boring.

I did more steps so probably took smaller strides (but not an Irish-John lollop! ☺)

I wasn't expecting such a long gap between Laura's announcements so a very pleasant surprise when she said there was only another 5 minutes to go. Right, I'll speed up, I thought. So I did.

A brief pause in my walk back as I had to help someone cross the road.

Then just after I finished I stopped to chat to some friends and explain why it is that the last few times I have seen them I have run away! Nothing personal but Laura wouldn't be pleased if I stopped ☺

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Oh a beautiful run! Sounds fantastic. I love hearing about the routes and different places too. Oh my gosh, it's not long now :) :)

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Sounds lovely - especially running through a meadow! :) I like being able to vary routes, for added interest.

Nearly, nearly there now...

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Well done !

Yes a change of scenery works wonders ! :-) xxx

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to poppypug

Tee.. he. my change is going to be..France.. tomorrow! :)

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poppypugGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Oh Floss , hope you have a lovely holiday ! Will you be able to get onto the t'internet ? xxx

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to poppypug

Thanks you x

The net... well, It may be hit and miss... but I shall try... I want to send some pikkies of my runs if I am able... and of course send some rambles... :)

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poppypugGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Ah yes , would be lovely to see some pics whilst youre there Floss, and of course your lovely rambles :-) xxx

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OldPossum in reply to Oldfloss

Am v. Jealous. Have a lovely holiday, am already looking forward to your posts 😀 Are you taking the little tin tent?

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to OldPossum

Thanks you x We are in the tin-tent.... don't usually go in August..but.. here we go..taking some with friends in their tin tent (who have twin girls,in their GCSE year), they have never been abroad in it!

I shall take my chums with me, in my head..:)

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Lovely run...lovely post too!

So close as well.. slow and steady. it is funny how many of us have to explain to folks, if I see you and just wave and carry on, it is because... etc etc..and Laura really would know if you stopped ! :)

Sounded wonderful - gosh you are close now :-)

We're still neck and neck then! Your's sounds like a better run than mine though, your route sounds excellent, although it is beautiful here I don't have many options for variation. Once I'm on the sea wall there is only one way to go unless I fancy a wallow in the muddy marshes 😀

I know what you mean about friends too, I sometimes cross paths with fellow dog walkers and they look confused as I wave and carry on. The dogs are baffled too as they know me as the lady with a pocketful of biscuits 😀

We are so nearly there 👏👏

we are, both getting close.

I wasn't sure about running the meadow at first but like it now. Although it is a small suburban green space the way it has been mowed means it is not boring to go round several times. I was going to try and plot it on OS maps but realised I don't know how many times I went on the paths. Maybe I will try plotting it on my phone on Friday. I don't usually take my Nokia as it is a bit to big for my waist bag but today I tried a slightly bigger bag to put my jacket in and to try it out in preparation for my Park Run as I usually only take the back door key, a small clamshell phone,my mp3 and some loose change but when I run from the campsite I will have a bigger bunch of keys and a wallet to fit in. I didn't notice it was any bigger or heavier when I was running so that works.

Your run sounds lovely as well but it is a shame if there is no variation. I could go off in several directions but most of the others are uphill and probably longer circuits, so I am holding off until after week 9.

I don't blame you. I always have a longer cool down walk, I run past the half way mark to make sure I don't have to run up a hill at the end. I can cope with the small incline to reach the sea wall at the beginning but the hill I go down to get there would be way too hard at the end!

Frustratingly I would have a lot more choice if the paths had been kept clear. Previous years have been much better but in some sections the grass is so long it creates loops perfect for tripping you up. It also makes it impossible to see any holes or other hazards, a dog walker spotted an adder a few weeks ago and that would totally freak me out. They will probably cut it back, it will rain constantly for a month and then it will be so slippery running will be impossible any way!! I love the sound of your meadow paths though.

You are definitely braver than me too - you are going to Park Run !!! I felt nervous just looking at their website :-)

I happened to see one in progress the other day and I was encouraged to see that they were not all whizzing by. The guy who sold me my gel insoles said he regularly does them and was encouraging me to have a go. Then my friends this morning said that their teenage son goes to the nearest one sometimes and not to worry I am already fitter than some they see there and not everybody runs anyway. So it is worth a go. I thought I would use a week 9 podcast and run a bit longer if I can, otherwise I can finish with a brisk walk.

I am not sure whether I will like running in a crowd as I do like being in my own little world but I am going to do at least one to find out.

I'll be interested to hear how you find it - I'm not overly keen on crowds. I'm pretty comfortable with doing most things on my own but not sure I could Park Run without a buddy to arrive with me. Maybe that confidence will come later. I have at least found out where my nearest ones are. I will watch for your update with baited breath.

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Sounds as if it's going really well and you are learning to control your pace. Soon be graduating!

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Hurrah for you, sounds like a great run, I love a good narrative, I also enjoy short and sweet. Peoples journeys are facinating

It was great to hear the ins and outs and reflections well on the way to the G-line. Go-go-go........ There is a gathering of runners heading to graduation next week, what fun! 🙋🏼

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