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Week 7 - complete fail

Feeling very disheartened after this week!

I managed W5R3 without too many difficulties, but struggled with a stitch on W6R3. Decided to carry on to Week 7 and have completely failed it! First run, couldn't make it past 21 minutes before my legs completely gave way, second one got hit with a stitch again and ran on and off with a fair amount of walking, and yesterday started feeling really ill halfway through and only made it to 11 minutes. It's really frustrating! I don't even think it's just the gremlins because I've felt awful every time. Granted, I haven't been particularly well this week, but nothing that I thought would affect me this much!

I'm going to have to repeat a week - question is, do I go back to W6 and do that all again, or just keep trying for the 25 minute mark?

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Never underestimate the impact that not being well can have on your running. Definately not a 'fail' though, just one of those runs! Please try not to feel too disheartened, this is all part of being a runner! Personally, I would have a few days rest and then repeat week 7. It might also be a good time to remind yourself how far you have come in those 7 weeks - that is something you should be proud of. Good luck🙂


Sorry to hear that.

I would give week 7 another bash. Little ailments/bugs/colds take a lot more out of us than we realise and it is likely that this was a factor.

Don't be too disheartened. Repeating and run or a week is not a big deal.

Give it an extra rest day if neccesary and just take it slow and steady.

All the best.

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If you haven't been well, it can't be helped. I just wanted to echo the sound advice you've already been given.

When you feel recovered, go for Week 7.

Don't force yourself to run if you're not well, it's counter-productive.

Take care :)

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I know how it feels to have a bit of a rubbish run - but don't despair! It happens to all of us sometimes.

It sounds to me as if you're pushing yourself a bit hard. I suggest repeating one of the W6 sessions with the shorter runs - you don't have to do the whole week again. To avoid getting a stitch, don't run less than 2 hours after a meal. As you do your shorter runs, try and relax into the pace - tension is awful for tiring you out early. Take the runs at a really slow, gentle pace - just focus on keeping going for the allotted minutes.

Then, when you get back to W7, you should feel much better.

Finally, remember that a bad run is still a run - you have still taken yet another step to build your strength and stamina. Good luck!

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