Daughter's success :)

Daughter's success :)

Thought for share a pic of my insperation.. my daughter Debbie.. she ran the Edinburgh half marathon thismorning.. :)

It wasn't a good start though.. she had booked her accommodation two months ago..only to arrive tea time last night to be told the hotel had no record of her booking :( she was so lucky to have a friend from another friendly running forum.. who kindly put her up for the night!

Just spoke with her and she is elated to have achieved her goal ..

Awesomeness :)

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  • You must be one very proud parent and rightly so ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Sorry to hear about the hotel palaver :(

    Glad it didn't put her off.

    I saw the 10k medals yesterday and there was a keyring part that 'popped out'- is your daughter's the same? Either way, awesome bling :)

    Please pass on my congratulations x

  • Yea Jt..she sent me a video of it but it didn't seem to upload :(

  • Congratulations to your daughter!๐Ÿ† Fantastic achievement and you must feel really proud of her!

  • Well done Debbie - mum'll be joining you next time!

  • Oh Sparky, this is brilliant !

    You must be sooo proud of her, poor lass n' all having all that palaver with her hotel.

    Many Congratulations , Fab stuff ! :-) xxx

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