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A philosophical run tonight thinking of my poor cat.

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I've not posted for a wee while, and my running has been a bit irregular without the discipline of C25K. Have been doing the B210K intermittently.

A horrible thing happened on Monday. My beautiful cat, Cleo, went out on Sunday night as usual, but didn't appear in the morning for her breakfast. That's not like her, and by the afternoon I was sure something was terribly wrong. I started looking for her, and asking neighbours to check their sheds and garages. By tea time I was sure she was dead - a 20 year old cat, but had been fine on Sunday. At half eight I thought about going for a run, but was too upset by then and decided to have another search of the garden, really by that time looking for her body. I looked under some trees, and found her tail. Just her tail. It was gruesome. I found some other bits too. A fox must have eaten her. She has always gone out at night, and it never, ever occurred to me that she could be killed and eaten by a fox.

So, tonight's run was a run for Cleo. It was a beautiful night, and part of my running has been about feeling a part of God's creation - bringing mind, body and spirit together. I still feel so sad - I had Cleo for almost 15 years, and I'm tearful typing this, but the run helped me feel that, I don't know, she's very much part of the life of this planet, still.

I really miss her.

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That is so very sad. She looks beautiful and shared such a lot with you. There is something special about black and white moggies, so affectionate - my absolute favourite.

Sending you a virtual hug. Glad the running helps. X

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revrunsGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Thank you. :) She was a lovely looking cat, and she knew it!

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Thanks for the hug. :) Others have suggested she might have already been dead, but there are signs of a struggle. I think she must have been sleeping, and the fox caught her unawares. At least it must have been quick because the dog usually wakes (and wakes me) at the slightest sound and she slept through the night. At least I know what happened. It would have been worse not to have known and to have kept wondering if she was lying ill or injured somewhere, all alone. And in a way, it's more dignified, and at least, more natural, than being hit by a car.

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I'm so sorry for the loss of your lovely cat. It must have been an awful shock for you! I'm pleased you found her though as it's better than not knowing what happened to her.

We do love our animals so which makes their loss very hard to bear, and even more so when they've been with us for so long. They get under your skin don't they. You have many happy memories and they will keep you smiling on your runs

Sorry about Cleo. It may be easier if you allow yourself to believe that she died beforehand...

Either which way, you had her for 20 years and a friendship with a mog is unlike anything other. There's always that gentle battle of wills going on....

Sorry to hear of the loss of your beautiful cat . It's terrible when you lose a much loved pet .

That's awful !! Poor you. Lovely cat, with those markings it looks like she was off to a masked ball !! She obviously had a long and happy life with you.

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I am so sorry for your loss of Cleo. She was a special part of your life and you will have many memories along your way. Big hug x

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That is so, so sad. She looks such a lovely cat.

My thoughts are with you.

I am so sorry, they touch our lives in unimaginable ways. It's gutting when something like this happens. Take very good care of yourself.

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Oh what a sad story. So glad running helped. Lovely too that you find that comfort from a sense of connectedness with all life and it's cycle. I often try to get into that place when I'm running, enjoying that I'm alive and my body's working and is part of a huge web of existence... Helps distract from the huffing and puffing and heavy legs :)

Happy running. X

I'm sorry for your loss, but she will always be in your heart.

Glad you found some peace in your run, it really does help sometimes doesn't it.

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So sorry bout Cleo. I think it is more likely that at 20 years Cleo had come to the end of her very good life and had gone somewhere quiet to go over the rainbow bridge. I am positive she would already have-been dead by the time the fox found her. There is another little cat waiting out there just for you to love and cherish just like you did for Cleo.

in reply to Running66

First time I've heard a reference to the 'rainbow bridge'. I like it. Cheeers. Fitmo

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Sending you lots of love. I have two cats and they are my family and my heart broke for you when I read your post. Really hope youa re okay and really glad you have so much inner strength. So sorry for your loss. May sound a bit weird but I will do my run for her tonight too x x

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My friend Sara is going to do her bike ride for your cat tonight too - we are all thinking of you in our office today x x x

Sorry about the loss of your cat. It's always hard when a pet, which is a much loved family member of course, passes away. Take time to mourn, it's a necessary process. Big hug on way. Fitmo

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Big virtual hug....it's not easy losing a fur baby and sometimes people don't appreciate how much of our hearts they take up. I lost my 20 year old girl about 12 years ago now and my 18 year old boy around 10 years back and still get tearful now and again when I think about them x x x

hi, so sorry to hear of the loss of Cleo, (she looked alot like my old cat felix) , i'm glad you know what happened to her but it must of been an awful shock, i really feel for you. :( I'm sure she will still be with you in spirit as i feel my old dog Ruffdog is, hes been gone nearly a year now, but you still miss them alot. Sending you a big hug...........

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Oh revruns, I am sooo sorry, what a shock for you, especially after Cleo had been OK. Please try to remember that she obviously had a very happy and loving home with you...you may like to access a site called Rainbow Bridge....it's for bereaved pet owners....I have found comfort from it! Thinking of you....x

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Your beautiful kitty looks so like our own cat that it gave me a bit of a shock when I saw her photo. Our pets are members of our family and their loss hits us hard. Try console yourself with the thought that she had a long life with people who loved her and treated her well.

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Thank you all, you lovely people, for all your kind comments and thoughts. And for running and cycling for Cleo tonight - that's so special! Thank you. :)

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Oh no- I am so sorry! Very shocking for you! Sending a hug your way

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Oh poor Cleo. What a horrible end. You're right, though, that she has gone back to Nature and is still a part of your world. Hugs from me x

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