W4r3 done, despite more tech difficulties!

I'm really not safe to be on the treadmill! Started on the correct run and all OK until part way through the first 5 min run when I realised I was aching and working hard to keep on the treadmill. Slipping back and almost disappearing off the back! It was like Scooby doo! Oh no I'm really bad, slow, I can't do it, etc rushed through my mind. No, be positive and sensible and slow it right down like everyone advises. As I made it back to the rail I felt the climb and saw the incline on 8! I have no idea how long I had been on that, but I was relieved. Following this I am going to be brave and attempt the next run out doors. If I say it here I'll have to do it.! Onwards.

2 Replies

  • Running outside is great - I hope you have fun when you try it!

  • OMG incline of 8!!! Lol

    Congrats for finishing wk4 x

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