Yay! Week Seven Done So Running 25 mins Last Week NOT A Fluke!

At the start of all three runs this week I set off not completely sure I could do it again, but now I know I can and it feels great! That's not to say my distances are increasing, but we don't get hung up on the stats (or that's what I am repeating sternly to myself)! Also great news is that the running is having an impact on those menopausal sleepless shenanigans! Bring on week eight!

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  • No Suebguineapig , definitely not a fluke- your effort and perseverance are paying dividends- enjoy wk 8 :)

  • Thanks Oldfinch! Think I am getting the running bug!

  • And just another 6 runs and you'll be getting a shiny graduation badge :)

  • Wow. Now that is a seriously good thought!

  • Week 7 here too, last run tomorrow. But oh Laura, why do you have to tell me 5 minutes (feels like 10), half way (you are kidding!), few minutes left (no! I want to carry on!).

    Yup, running really does get under your skin!

  • Oh, wow. I am not yet at the "I want to carry on" stage yet. I can't wait to get there though!

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