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Week 9 wasn't a fluke... And is anyone else turning into a camel?

Well I've done my first post-graduation run and have run faster and further than before, and felt great too! So week 9 wasn't a fluke, I really can run for 30 minutes!

One thing I have noticed, and which led to the camel question in my title is this; during the early and mid weeks of the c25k programme, I was drinking nearly all of my water bottle en route. However despite much warmer weather now, I'm drinking less and less, to the point that tonight I had one sip when I had about ten minutes left to run and that's all I wanted. I drank some more during my warm down and a bit more when I got home but trying to figure out why I'm needing less water. Is my body getting super efficient at sweating now I'm getting fitter? ...or am I turning into a camel? :o

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I found that I rarely need to carry water for shorter runs (40mins or less). I have a runners water bottle, but find it quite annoying to carry anything when running.

Although having a sip of water half way through any run is lovely, it isn't usually necessary for me, I tend to have a glass of water before I set out from home, and then one when I get back.

This may all change if the weather gets hotter, but I did C25k during last summer, and don't remember carrying water. I think it probably it is the case that our bodies get a bit more efficient as we improve our running fitness.


....and there was me thinking the question was about the 'toe' ,another problem ladies have when running!!!

Perhaps we are training our bodies to be extra efficient??


and after my escapades on the "correct way to wear men's running shorts" - perhaps the next discussion should be how to eliminate the "toe" and we can help out our the running sisterhood....


I have a few tricks up my sleeve for that one. But it still rears its head at times ( or toe!!) any ideas welcome.....I take it you have mastered the art of the shorts?!!!


sharp scissors were used to cure the issue with the shorts...

Although I wouldn't recommend it for your issue!!


Ha ha! I do usually start off with my running bottoms hipster style to avoid that very problem but by the end of my run, they've ridden up, giving me the toe :$ oh well, too knackered to care by then!


I think it's psychological rather than something physical....

if like me, when you first started with the longer runs in C25k you seemed to sweat more than a very sweaty sweating thing, so at first you assume that you need to immediately replace the lost water en-route or you fear you will keel over before the 30 mins is up...

plus I have seen the distance runners on the likes of London marathon taking on water during their and probably assume that's just "what you do". However in reality, (well endomondo at least) 30mins running in 22degrees heat uses 0.25l of hydration, like a 1/3 of a 750ml bottle. So a full 60 mins is 2/3 (500ml) and so on.....

in other words, you're not drinking to re-hydrate what you lose during your run, you're more likely drinking to stop your mouth being dry.So, if you have mastered breathing in though the nose, your mouth is less dry therefore lessening the need to refresh mid run.

.... well, that's my theory - either that or yes, you are becoming a camel!

Happy running


I only drink if I'm running for more than half an hour and I use loads of Vaseline on the lips. That seems to do the trick!


Thanks Matthew, sounds probable. I have always breathed in through my nose and out through my mouth on the programme because that's what my gym instructor taught me a few years ago, so the dry mouth theory wasn't the case here. I just had a real thirst while running, more a dry throat. I agree with you that it could be more psychological than physical though, as I no longer think I'll die if I don't drink! :)

As for juicyju, vaseline on one's lips, um... Are we talking thirst... Or is this a ' toe' remedy? ;)


definately for the lips- as they get very dry on a run, not so good for toe problems!!!

I can only breathe with my mouth, swimming style


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