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I'm on week 2 run 2. I bought these from Amazon after reading lots of good reviews but I can't get them to stay in my ears (have I got funny ears?). What does everyone else use? amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01...

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I use the in ear ones that came with my phone, right ear stays in fine but the left ear is always popping out. PITA!!!


I just bought these amazon.co.uk/dp/B011ITGPHS?... and they have stayed in remarkably well, they also come with various sizes of buds to help you get a better fit. BTW im sure you've got lovely normal ears 👂

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Hi. I've just bought these

Have you tried the different size buds and ear things to get the best fit for you?


Yes I've tried different size buds and they also come with hook type things and small rubber band type things neither of which seem to fit in my ear without coming out. I will persevere now I've bought them. The reviews were so good I'm really disappointed.


I tend to wear a headband that stops them falling out, although my new ones seem pretty tight! It's a fleece headband meant to keep ears warm (I hate having cold ears and it's been pretty cold up here until recently, esp early morning) - but it doubles as a sweatband and keeps my hair out of my eyes too :)


I have to wear a headband to keep them in too. Mine are not Bluetooth though. Mine are 3.99 lidl jobs ☺


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