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Am having real problems with my headphones. Every time I start running they pop out my ears. Getting really frustrating.

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What sort of headphones are you using?

Two solutions: Over-ear headphones, or just run with your phone on speaker (if you're listening to podcasts on your phone?). I do this with endomondo, which calls out laptimes every km. The 'start/stop' app version of c25k might work well like this, unless you don't mind running around with the cheesey c25k music audible to all around you?

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I traded mine in for a pair that wrap around the back of my ear. Much better.

Even better, they were a fiver from Tesco.

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I had a similar problem. I also caught the lead a couple of times and pulled my phone out of my pocket. Not good.

You can get 'sport' earphones with hooks to go round or inside your ears, and even better you can get bluetooth headphones that go over the ears and cling on quite nicely.

I did a search for "bluetooth headphones" and possibly "bluetooth headphones mpow". All cheap bluetooth headphones have problems though so use them immediately and be prepared to send them back if they fail (usually batteries).

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I find sport earphones work well - any other kind falls off even if I am sitting! Next best thing is wearing a headband over the headphones (have a pair of these amazon.co.uk/Philips-SHQ320...)

Yeppers, I second the sports headphones. I appear to have teensy ear canals, earbuds do not fit. Sports headphones have been my saviour. It's so distracting faffing with your headphones as you run, better to have them hooked in there.

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I also have problems with normal earbuds and rarely use them anyway but risked buying some Yurbuds last week as they were only £9.99 in Sports Direct. They are very comfortable and 'lock' into your ear and so far, they've stayed put, even when I've accidentally tugged the wire. Also come in different sizes so even fitted my tiny ear canal! (size 4)

Thanks guys for all of your replies. I will be looking into a new pair of headphones soon.

I had a pair of Jabra Sport Rox blue-tooth headphones for my birthday a few weeks ago. They aren't cheap but they stay put and sound great. It's also nice not to have to contend with the wires!

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Yellow Karimoor wrap arounds from sports direct are really good.

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I have a buff which I fold to make a band and that holds on my errant cheapo Lidl headphones. They come with a selection of bud sizes as I have little earoles too. Some of the earphones are stupidly expensive. Those Tesco ones sound ok. What make are they may I ask?

same problem here with my earphones, but strangely enough some days they stay put for the whole outing, but most days i end up saying a few choice words after they have fallen out half a dozen times. I have looked online at the wrap around the ear earphones and wondered if they were any better, looks like i'm following misswobble to tesco ! thanks for the tip.

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I'm also using the yellow wrap around Karrimor headphones from SPorts Direct for £5 since i started in January. They have made a big difference. My intention was to use them as a cheap starter set to check that this type worked and then replace them with a bluetooth set but they are still continuing fine.

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