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Feeling Beaten Before I Started

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Monday morning I set out to do run 1 for week 4 and I completed it which was a great achievement but I knew I had really hurt my leg on the last run.

I do believe I have Achilles Tendonitis but I am going to see if I can find a physic to help make a plan on how to let it recover.

I can hardly walk let alone run and I am so upset I couldn't even post until now.

I set myself this target and I really wanted to achieve it.

Everyone keeps saying - you don't have to run, maybe running is not for you but they don't understand the exhilaration and tranquility you get from a run.

I went out same time and did 30 minutes on my bike this morning to at least keep moving. I am glad I did it but I would have big smile on my face if I was closer to starting week 5.

Has anyone else had to stop so early into the program due to injury and were you able to get back into it?

Sorry for a miserable post but need some support from those who know.

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Poor you! Get some medical advice and rest up. It's so frustrating when you're enjoying working towards a goal and getting a buzz from it - and then pick up an injury. But sometimes you just have to wait it out. Similar thing happened to my daughter and she was so upset. Hope you're on the mend very soon.

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You have clearly discovered the joy of running, so once you are recovered l am sure you will continue your journey, as have many, many others over the three years l have been following this forum.

Get professional advice, preferably from someone who understands running and then do your own research based on their diagnosis. It is always good to be armed with the facts.

Don't be discouraged, you will return. Good luck

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It is great you are enjoying the running so much..!

Not sure, you should be cycling, though, until you get your injury checked out...it is possible to do more damage.

If you get it checked out.. then with the correct treatment and following advice, you should get back into it with no problem. :)

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Sending you a big hug! First off, those who say 'running is not for you' are wrong so ignore them. Second, please make sure you see a Dr before you do any more exercise. You really don't want to make it worse and take longer to get back to running. Third, I haven't had to stop through injury yet (hoping to do W8R2 today) but I do worry I may pick up an injury so close to the end so I understand how upsetting and frustrating it must be for you. Fourth, you will achieve your target, targets are things we aim at and if you take a slightly different route to get there you'll appreciate it even more when you succeed. Which you will as you are clearly very determined or you would not have written this post. I look forwards to reading about your journey, you have got a huge amount of support coming your way from the folks on here so you are not alone. Good luck 👍

Thank you all for your comments. I knew you would understand how I am feeling. Appointment booked for this afternoon so I am feeling a little more positive now. Fingers crossed I get sorted and am off again soon! Have a great day everyone.

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90ldfinchGraduate in reply to Srr47

Good luck for this afternoon.

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Don't listen to who tells you you shouldn't run; you can and you will run... although running on an injured leg is not a great idea, as you've learnt the hard way.

Anyway, injuries are an almost inevitable part of a runner's life; they cannot stop you, they can just slow you down a bit. So focus on your recovery and you'll be back in no time, stronger than before.

Ow. I felt your pain just doing w4 myself. Glad to see you are going to GP first. I almost didn't start due to back/sciatica issues and only after reading posts on here did I decide to try. I had a bad week 2 and suffered for it and lots of walking on top and came very close to stopping. I seem to be OK at the moment but if the doc says you are OK maybe repeat and leave 2days rest which is what I did for a while. Good luck.

So I do have Archilles Tendonitis but hopefully with rest and then stretching exercises I will be back up and running. Going to be at least six weeks but I will listen to the advise so when I start again I will make it to the end and hopefully stronger and injury free.

Missing running so much but reading all the posts makes me still feel involved somehow. I can now walk without too much of a hobble. Exercises to be done and then back to the physio on Friday. I hope he says it has recovered enough to start stretching so I can plan my return probably in about 5 weeks. I want to earn my graduate badge and be a runner! Happy long weekend everyone

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