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This here, be my first post

Hi, and as my profile says, I am Doug, from Perth, Western Australia. This community has already been a wonderful support to my new to running journey as I lurked in the shadows

I figured I better contribute because by sharing my experiences, maybe someone can benefits in the future, that is usually how these things work.

I kinda need some extra support as well.


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Hi Doug from Perth, Hey, did you loose your roof or fence in the last couple of days with the lovely weather in our part of the world?

Did you do the HBF run for a reason last Sunday?

This forum here is brilliant. I have learned a lot and it made my life easier to hear all those advices and encouragements.

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Hi there

Welcome to this brilliant huge family! Lurking is okay, but being out here with all the rest of us is better!

Sharing our journey helps others, as you say, and there is a wealth of support here. Folks who will encourage, sympathise, offer advice, and even give you a shove if necessary! ( That will be me! )

Looking forward to your posts! :)

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Hi, Doug and welcome!

Where abouts in your running journey are you? Tell us more :) .

There will always be someone here for you, whether it's a technical running issue, moral support or a kick up the posterior!

Just say the word.

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Hi Doug and yes, this forum provides great support, it's brilliant :)

Lucky you being in Perth - I've spent a lot of time there and have family there so if you can, photos of your runs would be lovely!


Hello and welcome! Looking forward to hearing about your journey as you progress :)


Hi Doug and welcome to family that is C25K, no one will experience any thing on C25K that has not been experienced before, maybe your head playing tricks on you (the dreaded gremlins) or a technical issue, or understanding "Laura". Please let us know how you get on.


Welcome aboard Doug !

You've come to the right place , this is a very friendly and supportive place .

Anything youre not sure about, please let us know. There will always be someone along to help.

Good Luck ! xxx


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