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First post on this forum

Just wanted to say 'hello' and comment on what a fantastically supportive forum this is! Have been really moved by some of the posts I've read here. I have just completed W5R3 and am looking forward to W6. Interesting to learn that many have been caught out by this week so will just go out and give it my best shot. Having not run for a couple of years, using this app to ease me back in has been fantastic and a real boost to my confidence. For me it is discovering that I love early morning runs that has been the biggest surprise. My husband cannot quite believe that I'm out running before 6 o'clock some days!

Happy running guys😀

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Welcome Sandra and well done.


Hello!!! Welcome to the forum. It's very supportive here so you'll be fine

We have lots of early birds here, so you'll be in good company.

Nah, not me!


I love this forum too. I am about to head out to my third run for week 6 and have just read through the comments to bouy me up. Thank you guys! I would stay in bed without you!


Hi Sandra, sounds like you've caught the running bug! Welcome to the mad house!


Wow! Six am, that's amazing. I too find more energy first thing but so much nicer when the sun comes up. Laura is great isn't she? Give that woman a medal, she really gees you up when you need it. Good luck today, enjoy


Welcome to the madhouse :) Running before six? Wow. The only place I'm prepared to run at that time is to the coffee machine :D


Well done - that's fantastic! The forum is amazing.

Have a great weekend.



Yay - we can do it together :D Hi *waves*

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