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I did it!

My first 5k race. A very decent(for me) timing of 40:44 minutes when I had never cracked it beneath 45 minutes before. Just as well because of a 1200, I was only faster than 30 of them. It was a night run and I LOVED every minute of it. The noise, the crowd, the music. I am now thinking of signing up for a 4EM race on the 26th of next month. Hmm..this is addictive isn't it?

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Well done, great effort.

It is amazing how running with others almost magically allows you to run faster than you think you are running.

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Very addictive! That's a great run and a major time Improvement. Well done! When is the next one?


Thanks runswithgogs! I have signed up for a 4 english mile on the 26th of June (sheepish smile)


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