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Week 9 Run 1 done (slowly) but I loved it

Really enjoyed this run: the weather was nice - not too hot and there were loads of dog walkers, cyclists and runners to say hi to.

I've been adding another path / loop to my route each week to make it long enough. Today, I added one of the loops in the other direction and it felt completely different!

I was really slow, getting overtaken by a runner who didn't look as though she was putting much effort in! However, I know I'm speeding up slightly, and for the last few runs I've been able to do a mini sprint for the last minute, so I know I'll be able to work on speed later.

This programme is so amazing - can't believe I've got this far!


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Well done. My first daylight run in the park saw me happily trotting along feeling good, when some svelte gazelle type woman with a bouncy gait flew past me at high speed, making me feel like an elephant in flipflops. Reality checks hurt a little, but as you say, you're getting better all the time. Just focus on feeling smug when you overtake a tree or something. :-)


You should be very proud! I've just come back from my W9R1 run too and lots of fast walking dog walkers out there (that's what I'm telling myself anyway!).


Slow is fine... it is the new fast! :)

You are getting there and after Graduation, you can choose what to work on next... even running backwards.. ( you would need to read my post on that :))

I am working on my speed currently and really having fun!

Great to have that bit of extra in your tank... you are so nearly there... amazing :)

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