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Week 5 game on!

I was procrastinating this morning but finally got my trainers on and got out and did run 1 of week 5. I didn't fancy the hill so drove up to the industrial estate when I do my usual run 1's (no swimming today, kids birthday party, in the morning???).

I did the walk round and paused the podcast so I could take off my hoddie. Started off running but by 2 minutes my calves felt like lead, anyway I plodded onto the end. The next 5 minute run went better, I was thinking about how I was running and started to extend my stride more, which felt more natural and I felt freer. On the third run I decided to keep going with the more open stride and a slightly slower pace, I felt like I was really moving and could feel that my upper leg muscles were working more. I really started to enjoy striding along then it was all over. I walked back to the car and drove home. Next run on Monday.

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